Advanced Powder Technology IV

Volumes 498-499

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Daniela de Lourdes A.C.S. Andrade, Wildemberg A. Freire, Sueila S. Araújo, Lucianna G.F. Vieira, Ana Cristina Figueiredo de Melo Costa, Laura H. de Carvalho, Ailton S. Gomes, Suédina Maria L. Silva

Abstract: Organophilic Bentonities clays are widely used for industrial purposes, as components of petroleum drilling fluids as well as in cosmetics,...

Authors: C.J. Papini, Walter Kenji Yoshito, Douglas Gouvêa, Ricardo Mendes Leal Neto

Abstract: It is well known that colloidal powder particles (between 1 mm and 0.001 mm) tend to agglomerate due to electrostatic forces. Then assuring...

Authors: E.S. Jesus Filho, Lucio Salgado, S.L. de Jesus, J.L. Rossi, Marco Antonio Colosio, José Carlos Santos

Abstract: This article shows some fabrication aspects related to the obtention of sintered valve seat insert. This insert was made of a mixture of...

Authors: Isolda Costa, Sizue Ota Rogero, Olandir Vercino Correa, Clarice Terui Kunioshi, Mitiko Saiki

Abstract: This study investigates the in vitro corrosion and cytotoxicity response of AISI 316L stainless steel produced by powder injection molding...

Authors: L. De Micheli, Isolda Costa

Abstract: In this study a corrosion protection method was used with AISI 304 SS filters and its effect on their corrosion resistance was evaluated in...

Authors: Isolda Costa, M.C.L. Oliveira, Hercílio G. De Melo, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr.

Abstract: In this study, the corrosion behaviour of a sintered commercial Nd-Fe-B magnet has been investigated in naturally aerated and deaerated 3.5...

Authors: Claudinei dos Santos, Kurt Strecker, M.J.R. Barboza, Sandro Aparecido Baldacim, Francisco Piorino Neto, Olivério Moreira Macedo Silva, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva

Abstract: The creep behavior of hot-pressed Si3N4 ceramics was investigated. The proposal of this work is to investigate the use of yttrium-rare earth...

Authors: Mário Cézar Alves da Silva, Claudemiro Bolfarini, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami

Abstract: Deposits of the Fe-6.5wt%Si alloy produced by spray forming were annealed at temperatures between 900 and 1300oC, during 1h in vacuum and...

Authors: S.R. Janasi, Daniel Rodrigues, Fernando José Gomes Landgraf

Abstract: MnZn ferrites are conventionally produced by the ceramic method that involves the solid state reaction of metallic oxides or carbonates at...

Authors: Luzinete Pereira Barbosa, N.A. Ferreira, Hidetoshi Takiishi, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr.

Abstract: Permanent magnets were produced from annealed alloys using the hydrogenation, disproportionation, desorption and recombination (HDDR)...


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