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Authors: Marcos Flavio de Campos, Fernando José Gomes Landgraf
Abstract:SmCo5 magnets are usually produced by powder metallurgy route, including milling, compaction and orientation under magnetic field, sintering...
Authors: Marcos Flavio de Campos
Abstract:The usual process for producing the high energy magnets based on rare-earth-transition metals as for example NdFeB, SmCo5 or Sm(CoFeCuZr)z...
Authors: Rodrigo Estevam Coelho, Ana Cris R. Veloso, Rodinei Medeiros Gomes, Tadeu Antonio de Azevedo Melo, Severino Jackson Guedes de Lima
Abstract:In the present work is shown the results for solid interaction of a Cu-13.4Al-2Ni (wt%) elemental powders. Together with this mixture was...
Authors: Y.A. Giffoni, Erika Coaglia Trindade Ramos, Ana Sofia Ramos, Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim, M.T.T. Pacheco
Abstract:Porous Ti-Nb alloys are promising candidates for biomedical applications. In the present study, alloy powders containing 60 wt-% Nb were...
Authors: Fabiana Buracovas, Valéria S. Gonçalves, Cláudio José da Rocha, Ricardo Mendes Leal Neto
Abstract:In this work shake milling were used to mechanically activate Nb – Al powder mixtures at different relative proportions (Nb80Al, Nb65Al,...
Authors: Severino L. Urtiga Filho, James C. Earthman, I. Nieves, Maria Helena Robert, T.P. Waked
Abstract:This work analyses the production of Al based composites with particulate reinforcement, via mechanical alloying. Composites were produced by...
Authors: M.M. Bonato, W. da Silveira, Wido H. Schreiner, Paulo A.P. Wendhausen, P.C. Borges
Authors: Marize Varella de Oliveira, L.C Pereira, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo
Abstract:Porous structures are applied as coatings in order to improve surgical implants bone fixation by allowing the mechanical interlocking of the...
Authors: A.F. Lacerda, Luiz Gustavo Martins Vieira, A.M. Nascimento, S.D. Nascimento, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno, Marcos A.S. Barrozo
Abstract:A two-dimensional fluidynamics model for turbulent flow of gas in cyclones is used to evaluate the importance of the anisotropic of the...
Authors: Rejane A. Nogueira, Odília C.S. Ribeiro, Maurício David Martins das Neves, Lucio Salgado, Francisco Ambrozio Filho
Abstract:The effect of quenching heat treatments on the microstructure of cast and worked commercial steel AISI M2 and hot isostatically pressed as...
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