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Authors: C. Ferreira, Manuel François, Ronald Guillén
Abstract:The truncation of diffraction patterns in residual stress determination is often observed for broadened peaks when the 2θ acquisition range...
Authors: Gang Huang, Lu Ming Li, Yi Ping Cao, Xing Chen
Abstract:The issue of nondestructive testing in aeronautical structures is of considerable importance in the aviation industry today. And a high...
Authors: Manuel François, C. Ferreira, Ronald Guillén
Abstract:The results presented in this paper are part of a process to analyse systematically the sources of uncertainty in X-ray stress determination....
Authors: Farid Belahcene, Xiaolai Zhou, Jian Lu
Abstract:Shot peening is an effective method of improving fatigue performance of machine parts in the industry by producing a thin surface layer of...
Authors: Quan Hong Lin, Huaining Chen, Jing Chen, Yue Liang
Abstract:The impact-indentation stress measurement method makes use of the principle of superposition stress fields resulting from the residual...
Authors: Ping Dong, Ruiwen Li
Authors: Yu-an Chen, Shang-qi Zhou, Qin Ren
Abstract:X-ray computer tomography for non-destructively measuring residual stress with depth resolution was suggested to aim at improving of...
Authors: Fei Wang, Ke Wei Xu
Abstract:The work of nanoindentation approach is developed and applied for measure of residual stress relaxation during indenter penetrates in thin...
Authors: C. Curfs, Oliver Kirstein, Andrew Studer, R. Blevins, David G. Carr, Maurice I. Ripley
Abstract:The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, ANSTO, (http:\\ has initiated a “Neutrons for Engineering”...
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