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Authors: Andrew King, A.D. Evans, Philip J. Withers, C. Woodward
Abstract:The Rolls-Royce Wide Chord Fan Blade (WCFB) is an innovative aerospace component, manufactured from Ti-6Al-4V alloy. The blade roots...
Authors: Janez Grum
Abstract:Induction surface hardening creates very desirable residual stresses in the hardened surface layer. Residual stresses are always of a...
Authors: Denis Thibault, Raynald Simoneau, Jacques Lanteigne, Jean-Luc Fihey
Abstract:The strains induced by hammer-peening were measured by strain gauges on a mild steel plate during the hammer-peening operation. This process...
Authors: Masatoshi Sudo, Tomohiko Iwase, Yoshiyuki Hattori, Madoka Nakajima
Abstract:In this study, we examined how the press formability of A1 alloys sheets and the generation of residual stresses was influenced by...
Authors: H. Tsuda, Dong Ying Ju, T. Uchiyama, Y. Sunayama, R. Oba
Abstract:Water cavitation technique can be applied to modify the surface strength of materials as an attractive new peening route. By inducing...
Authors: Koichi Akita, Hirotomo Tanaka, Yuji Sano, Shin Ichi Ohya
Abstract:Microscopic residual stress distribution on laser-irradiated materials was measured using a synchrotron radiation source. Intense laser...
Authors: F. Galzy, H. Michaud, Jean Michel Sprauel
Abstract:In the new types of diesel motors, the crankshaft loads increase dramatically. For that reason, to satisfy the requirements and needs of its...
Authors: J.B. Li, X.Y. Gai, D.L. Wang, S.Y. Ma, Vincent Ji
Abstract:The work hardening effect of the shot peening affected layer of hardened and low temperature tempered spring steel was investigated using...
Authors: Yan Huai Li, Jian Lu, Ke Wei Xu
Abstract:Residual stresses distribution after shot peening and its relaxation during uni-axial loading were investigated experimentally and...
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