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Authors: C. Pilé, Delphine Retraint, Manuel François, Jian Lu
Abstract:The aim of this work is to use ultrasonic shot peening, a mechanical surface treatment derived from conventional shot peening, in order to...
Authors: René V. Martins, Veijo Honkimäki
Abstract:The strain and phase distributions in friction stir welds (FSW) of AA2024-T3 to AA2024-T3 and AA2024-T3 to AA6082-T6 are investigated...
Authors: M. Qin, Vincent Ji, S.Y. Ma, J.B. Li
Abstract:Investigation on the quasi-static residual stress relaxation is an important aspect of component design and life management. After taking...
Authors: P. Juijerm, I. Altenberger, U. Noster, Berthold Scholtes
Abstract:The cyclic deformation behavior of deep rolled and polished aluminium wrought alloy AlMg4,5Mn in the temperature range 20-300°C has been...
Authors: Yu Kui Gao, Xue Ren Wu, Feng Lu, Mei Yao, Qingxian Yan
Abstract:The characteristics of compressive residual stress fields induced by shot peening in 40CrNi2Si2MoVA, 16Co14Ni10Cr2Mo, 30CrMnSiNi2A and...
Authors: Jens Gibmeier, Stefan Hartmann, Berthold Scholtes
Abstract:Various methods have been proposed in recent years for the determination of mechanical properties of a material by using instrumented...
Authors: Janez Grum, Roman Šturm
Abstract:Laser remelting process is a very promising hardening method for ferrous and nonferrous alloys, which do not show a homogeneous...
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