Residual Stresses VII, ICRS7

Volumes 490-491

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Gen Shen

Abstract: Thin films of molybdenum nitride (MoNx with 0≤x≤0.35) were deposited on Si(100) at room temperature using reactive DC magnetron sputtering....

Authors: M. Qin, Vincent Ji, Y.N. Wu, S.Y. Ma, J.B. Li

Abstract: A new method is applied to investigate the relationship between the yield strength and annealing temperature for a Cu film. By Ion Beam...

Authors: Hajime Hirose, Shinya Suzuki, Masahide Gotoh, Toshihiko Sasaki

Abstract: In depositing the TiN thin films to the substrate by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), it influences the substrate interface. Change of the...

Authors: L. Li, A. Vaidya, T. Streibl, S. Sampath, A. Gouldstone, Vladimir Luzin, Henry Prask

Abstract: Thermal spray is a well-established, versatile method of producing protective and functional coatings. As with most thin- or thick-film...

Authors: Kazuya Kusaka, Hanabusa Takao, Kikuo Tominaga, Noriyoshi Yamauchi

Abstract: The crystal orientation and residual stress in gallium nitride (GaN) films deposited on a single-crystal (0001) sapphire substrate using a...

Authors: Takayuki Murotani, Zhou Wang, Akira Ikenaga, Yukio Hirose

Abstract: The Ni3Al intermetallic compound is of great interest because of its oxidation, corrosion-resistance, and high melting point. The...

Authors: T. Roland, Delphine Retraint, K. Lu, Jian Lu

Abstract: Improved mechanical behavior of surface nanostructured metallic materials produced by means of a surface mechanical attrition treatment...

Authors: Kenji Suzuki, Keisuke Tanaka

Abstract: The spallation of thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) is promoted by thermally grown oxide (TGO). To improve TBCs, it is very important to...

Authors: Dong Ying Ju, T. Ueda, Tetsuo Hatakeyama, T. Arizono, Kazuya Kusaka, Hanabusa Takao

Abstract: In this study, evaluation of residual stress in nano-TiO2 film on ITO glass is carried out. The films with thickness less than 30 nm are...

Authors: Ru Lin Peng, Yan Dong Wang, Magnus Odén, Jonathan Almer

Abstract: In this paper, we report on residual stress analysis in physical vapour deposited (PVD) CrN coatings. Two 9 µm thick coatings were grown on...


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