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Authors: Guillaume Montay, Olivier Sicot, X.L. Gong, Abel Cherouat, Jian Lu
Abstract:Residual stresses play an important role on the mechanical behavior of composite laminate. The development of new methods to determine the...
Authors: Giovanni Bruno, R. Fernández, G. González-Doncel
Abstract:In this work it is shown how the microscopic residual stress state in 6061Al-15vol%SiCw composites can be modified by plastic strain and by...
Authors: Ping Huang, Ke Wei Xu, Bob B. He, Yong Han
Abstract:The surface modification of titanium by micro-arc oxidation under different voltages was processed to achieve good direct oseointegration....
Authors: Gang Li, Wei Dong Fei
Abstract:The thermal expansion behaviors of aluminum borate whisker and Fe3O4 reinforced pure aluminum matrix composite with different thermal...
Authors: Xiao Nan Mao, Vincent Ji, Lian Zhou, Y.G. Zhou, P.S. Zhang, L.L. Yu
Abstract:In this paper the internal stresses had been measured on Ti-6Al-4V/7TiC, Ti-3Al-2.5V/7TiC and TP650 composite using the XRD method, the...
Authors: Natalia Nuño, Dominic Plamondon
Abstract:The initial fixation of the cemented hip prosthesis relies on the resistance of the interface between the metallic stem of the implant, the...
Authors: Hanabusa Takao, Kazuya Kusaka, Shozo Shingubara, Osamu Sakata
Abstract:In-situ observation of thermal stress in thin films deposited on a silicon substrate was made by synchrotron radiations. The specimens...
Authors: Li-Jian Meng, Rui A. Silva, Hai Ning Cui, Vasco Teixeira, M.P. dos Santos
Abstract:The RuO2 thin films have been deposited onto glass substrates by rf reactive magnetron sputtering at different deposition conditions, such as...
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