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Authors: Tetsuo Sakai, K. Yoneda, S. Osugi
Abstract:Large shear deformation was successfully introduced in 5182 aluminum alloy sheets by 2-pass differential speed warm rolling under a high...
Authors: Atsushi Todayama, Hirosuke Inagaki
Abstract:On the basis of Taylor-Bishop-Hill’s theory, many previous theoretical investigations have predicted that, at high rolling reductions, most...
Authors: Michael Ferry
Abstract:The effect of fine particles on the uniformity of grain coarsening in a submicron grained Al-Sc alloy containing significant local variations...
Authors: Jürgen Hirsch, Günter Gottstein, Markus Büscher, Christian Leroy, Andrew Green
Authors: Günter Gottstein, T. Al Samman
Abstract:Texture evolution in pure Mg and Mg alloy AZ31 during deformation and annealing was investigated. The poor low temperature ductility can be...
Authors: Petra Backx, Leo Kestens
Abstract:Magnesium is the lightest structural metal with a density of only 1.74 kg/dm3. Furthermore the yield strength and fracture strain of cast...
Authors: Ping Yang, Li Meng, Wei Min Mao, Leng Chen
Abstract:Orientation mapping based on EBSD technique was applied to reveal the orientations of new grains and their relationships to the surrounding...
Authors: Hirofumi Inoue, Masaaki Ishio, Takayuki Takasugi
Abstract:In order to improve corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of magnesium alloys, titanium with high specific strength was warm...
Authors: Y.B. Chun, S. Lee Semiatin, Sun Keun Hwang
Abstract:The evolution of microstructure and texture during cold rolling and recrystallization annealing of commercial-purity Ti (CP-Ti) was...
Authors: Yi Nong Wang, J.C. Huang
Abstract:The texture characteristics and the relationship between texture and tensile properties at room temperature and superplasticity at high...
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