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Authors: Min Li, Yu Cheng Lin, Kai Chun Su
Abstract:This study demonstrated that DNA associated with magnetic nanoparticles can be attracted to specific areas of cell surfaces under magnetic...
Authors: Chih Hui Yang, Kuo Chin Lin, Yu Huai Chang, Yu Cheng Lin
Abstract:This paper described and characterized the quantum dots (QDs) with/without the polymeric PLGA applied in MC3T3E-1 delivery. Neat QDs were...
Authors: Chaug Liang Hsu, Ke Ming Chang
Abstract:The electricity is the most important motive power in the world for the economy and the industry. But today the electricity is always...
Authors: Rong Shean Lee, Jin Long Jou
Abstract:Titanium is an attractive material for orthopedic implants, although it is expensive and difficult to manufacture. Hot forging is usually...
Authors: Yuung Hwa Lu, Fung Huei Yeh, Ching Lun Li
Abstract:This paper combines Feasible Sequential Quadratic Programming (FSQP) and elasto-plastic finite element method to perform the inverse...
Authors: Yu Li Lin, Hshah Shun Li, Hou Sheng Hwang
Abstract:Stretching forming test was utilized to evaluate the influence of die material upon formability and galling of hot-dip galvanized steel...
Authors: Yong Ming Guo
Abstract:In this paper, a rigid-plastic hybrid element method is formulated, which is a mixed approach of the rigid-plastic domain-BEM and the...
Authors: Tsung Chia Chen, You Min Huang
Abstract:This study aims to clarify the process conditions of the hat-type drawing of a sheet metal of steel. It provides a model that predicts not...
Authors: Chun Ho Liu
Abstract:Currently, the numerical simulations of metal forming are developed rapidly and widely. In this investigation, a dynamic-explicit FEM code,...
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