Progress on Advanced Manufacture for Micro/Nano Technology 2005

Volumes 505-507

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mu Tian Yan, Chen Wei Huang, Chuan Jie Wang
Authors: Chih Jer Lin, Shu Yin Chen

Abstract: The piezo-actuated stages are composed of the piezo-electric actuator and the positioning mechanism. The positioning accuracy of the...

Authors: Tian Syung Lan, Kuei Shu Hsu, Tung Te Chu, Long Jyi Yeh, Ming Guo Her

Abstract: Dynamic MRR (material removal rate) modeling is constructed and optimum solution through Calculus of Variations in maximize the machining...

Authors: Jun Jie Wang, Bo Hsiung Wu, Jong Kung Hou
Authors: Jing Min Li, Jin Yao, Yong Mou Liu

Abstract: Knowledge discovery in database (KDD) represents a new direction of data processing and knowledge innovation. Design is a...

Authors: Ta Cheng Chen, Tung-Chou Hsu

Abstract: This paper considers nonlinearly mixed integer tolerance allocation problems in which both tolerance and process selection are to be decided...

Authors: Jen Shen Tsai, Chi Cheng Cheng

Abstract: Methods of standard genetic algorithm (SGA) and adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA) are employed to improve performance of global cutting for...

Authors: H.S. Lu, B.Y. Lee, C.T. Chung, Y.L. Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a predicted model of surface roughness of radial relief for resharpening end-mill. This model is constructed using a...

Authors: Chin Sheng Chen, Yu Reng Lee

Abstract: This paper presented a digital servo driver that realizes an auto-tuning feedback and feedforward controller design using on-line...

Authors: Yung Hoh Sheu, Wu Jeng Li, Yen Chao Chen, Jheng Yi Yang

Abstract: This paper designs web-based USB 1-N wireless I/O modules embedded sequential controller. The controller consists of ARM-based core system,...


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