Progress on Advanced Manufacture for Micro/Nano Technology 2005

Volumes 505-507

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yeau Ren Jeng, Pay Yau Huang

Abstract: The effects of abrasive particle size on polishing phenomena during wafer planarization are investigated using a high precision polishing...

Authors: C.Y. Lin, Yung Chun Lee, Fei Bin Hsiao, C.H. Chuang

Abstract: Nano-imprinting Lithography (NIL) has been considered as the most promising technique for nano-scaled fabrication and patterning. Recently,...

Authors: Ming Chang, Jen Cheng Chen, Jui Wen Chang, Jia Sheng Heh

Abstract: A membrane thickness process control expert system of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) based on neural network is presented. In general,...

Authors: Huang Kuang Kung, Bo Wun Huang

Abstract: This paper studies the elevated-temperature sweep characteristics of wire bond during transfer molding process for semiconductor package. A...

Authors: Jen Chieh Tsao, Chiung Chieh Su

Abstract: The radiometric temperature measurement is often applied to the in-situ and real-time monitor for rapid thermal processing of semiconductor...

Authors: Chin Horng Yau, Wen Ren Jong, H.H. Wang

Abstract: The design criteria and dynamic analysis of SCARA substrate transfer robot for cluster tools have been investigated in this paper. The...

Authors: Chil Chyuan Kuo, W.C. Yeh, C.B. Chen, J.Y. Jeng

Abstract: XeF excimer laser-induced melting and recrystallization of amorphous silicon was studied using in-situ online time-resolved reflection and...

Authors: C.T. Pan, P.J. Cheng, Yeong Maw Hwang, M.F. Chen, H.S. Chuang, C.T. Yang

Abstract: A self-built micro-particle image velocimetry (micro-PIV) with a diode laser is established to measure the micro-fluidic phenomenon in a 100...

Authors: Yeh Fen Fu, Lih Horng Shyu, Y.T. Chen, Wen Yuh Jywe, C.H. Liu

Abstract: A new optical encoder system is presented for displacement measurement by the curve fitting method. In this paper, another pondering model...

Authors: Kyong Yop Rhee, Hyun Kab Cho, Jai Sung Hong

Abstract: For a present study, a cryogenic ball milling process was applied to reduce the Ibuprofen particles to submicron in order to enlarge their...


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