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Authors: Yeau Ren Jeng, Shen Jenn Hwang
Abstract:This paper presents an experimental investigation of the influence of scuffing conditions on two-roller test rig. The prediction of Scuffing...
Authors: Wen Yuh Jywe, Chun Jen Chen
Abstract:Conventional levels can be employed to measure just one dimensional inclinations each time, and are frequently used to measure inclination,...
Authors: Hong Tsu Young, Hung Yi Huang, Ying Jay Yang
Abstract:The advantages of ductile regime grinding of silicon wafer such as smooth surface roughness (Ra < 10 nm) and minimum subsurface damage layer...
Authors: Kuang Chyi Lee
Abstract:This paper proposes a fast imaging auto-focus method to adjust the focus of laser diode products. The image of laser diode spot is processed...
Authors: Jhy Cherng Tsai, Ken Liu, Hsi Harng Yang
Abstract:This paper presents a series of three dimensional (3D) LIGA-like processes to fabricate microlens arrays on a cylindrical substrate. The...
Authors: Yu Ru Chen, Long Sun Chao
Abstract:This paper is to investigate the effects on grain size of different working conditions for making poly Si films by using the excimer laser...
Authors: Chien Hung Chang, Long Sun Chao
Abstract:In the fabrication of a poly-Si film, an a-Si thin layer on glass substrate is melted by the irradiation of an excimer laser with the...
Authors: Hsiang Chen Hsu, Wei Mao Hung
Abstract:This paper demonstrates the thermal-induced mechanical problems resulted from various temperature profiles of reliability test for a...
Authors: Hiroyuki Saiki, Yasuo Marumo, Li Qun Ruan, Ryuuta Haraguchi, Mitsuhiro Moriyama
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