Eco-Materials Processing & Design VII

Volumes 510-511

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ki Hwan Kang, Sang Youl Kim, Yong Su Um, Bo Young Hur

Abstract: The development of mineral wool core sandwich panel depends on the reaction of resin on mineral wool and face sheet. The most important...

Authors: Seog Ku Kim, Sang Leen Yun, Young Im Kim, Sung Won Kang, Yong Jae Lee

Abstract: While more attention has been paid in recent years to urban point source pollution control, no considerable measures have been taken to...

Authors: M.S. Ryu, H.G. Sin, S.H. Park, Seog Young Yoon, Ron Stevens, Hong Chae Park

Abstract: The conversion of residue, by extraction processing of aluminum ions from coal fly ash to zeolitic materials by hydrothermal treatment in...

Authors: Hua Ding, Ruili Xiang, Zhi Min Song, Zi Li Yu

Abstract: Composites of polymer/inorganic materials have comprehensive properties and they are widely used in many fields of the industry. In the...

Authors: Junichi Matsushita, S. Yasumatsu, N. Hosaka, K. Okawa, T. Fujita, Jian Bao Li, Hong Lin, Kwang Bo Shim

Abstract: The fabrication and fluorescence properties of luminescence porous ceramics were investigated by using recycling glass addition of oxide...

Authors: Woo Teck Kwon, Young Phil Kim, Y. Kim, Soo Ryong Kim, Seong Youl Bae

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of the pair-minerializer (CaSO4,-CaF2) on the reaction of alite, belite and calcium langbeinite formation...

Authors: Ji Whan Ahn, Gi Chun Han, Kwang Suk You, Nam Il Um, Hee Chan Cho

Abstract: This study focused on the synthesis of zeolite from coal bottom ash and the CEC assessment of synthesized products. To that end,...

Authors: Ji Whan Ahn, Kwang Suk You, Gi Chun Han, Kye Hong Cho

Abstract: In this paper, the application of wastes as raw materials to cementitious mineral was investigated. A rolling slag, which contains plenty...

Authors: Sung Hwan Jang, Jeong Whan Han, Jin Ki Jeong, Jae Chun Lee

Abstract: From materials view point, a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a simple mixture of various metals, plastics and oxides. Thus, it can be...

Authors: Sung Jin Kim, Hee Gon Bang, Sang Yeup Park

Abstract: Cordierite is known as three different crystalline forms, such as metastable form (µ- cordierite), high temperature form (α–cordierite;...


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