Eco-Materials Processing & Design VII

Volumes 510-511

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Byung Hak Choe, Jeong-Keun Shin, Soo Keun Shin, Je Hyun Lee, Ung Yu Paik, Jong Taek Yeom, Nho Kwang Park
Authors: Chul Ho Park, Young Gook Son

Abstract: ZrO2 buffer layer and SrBi2Ta2O9 (SBT) thin films were deposited on the P-type Si(111) substrates by the R.F. magnetron-sputtering method....

Authors: Sung-Ho Cho, Sung Hwan Hong, Jeong Whan Han, Byung Don You

Abstract: Flow patterns and mixing behaviors in a gas stirred steelmaking ladle with a slag layer were discussed using a water model experiment as...

Authors: Sung-Ho Cho, Chang Won Kim, Jeong Whan Han, Byung Don You, Dong Sik Kim

Abstract: It is generally well known that a steelmaking ladle operation plays an important role in the production of clean steel. A turbulent mixing...

Authors: Hee Taek Lim, Jung Hoon Kang, Jeong Whan Han, Sun Keun Hwang, Won Yong Kim

Abstract: In the present study, we have attempted to refine a microstructure of conventional AZ31 magnesium alloy using a new combination process...

Authors: Sang Hwan Cho, Sung Min Joo, Jin Sang Cho, Young Hwan Yu, Ji Whan Ahn, Choon Han, Hwan Kim

Abstract: Non-isothermal behaviors of calcium carbonate using Danyang limestone were investigated. It was attempted to provide non-isothermal data...

Authors: Jae Sam Jeon, Myung-Ryoung Cha, Nam-Sok Kim, Hyung Sun Kim

Abstract: To determine the causes of the yellowing phenomenon on transparent dielectrics, we investigated a bus electrode and transparent dielectric,...

Authors: Jae-Young An, Young Jae Kwon, S.I. Kim, Duk Lak Lee, Chong Mu Lee, Sun Keun Hwang, Yeon Chul Yoo

Abstract: Hot torsion of a C (0.22 wt%)-Mn steel was used to investigate the influence of thermomechanical arameters on the strain induced dynamic...

Authors: Sang Min Lee, Young Jae Kwon, Duk Lak Lee, Sang Hyun Cho, Sun Keun Hwang, Yeon Chul Yoo

Abstract: The low carbon steel of 0.22wt% carbon was tested to estimate the dynamic phase transformation behavior from austenite to ferrite. The...

Authors: Jae-Young An, Young Jae Kwon, S.I. Kim, Duk Lak Lee, Yeon Chul Yoo

Abstract: The relationships between flow stress curve and microstructure evolution in strain induced dynamic phase transformation (SIDT) of low...


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