Eco-Materials Processing & Design VII

Volumes 510-511

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jeng Wan Yoo, Kwon Yeong Lee, Ji Hui Kim, Ki Soo Kim, Seon Jin Kim

Abstract: A new iron-based wear resistance alloy was developed to replace the Co-containing Stellite 6 alloys in nuclear power industry. The effect...

Authors: Gyung Guk Kim, Seung Dae Noh, Gi Sung Park, Seon Jin Kim, Deok Hyun Lee, Do Haeng Hur, Myung Sik Choi, Jung Ho Han

Abstract: Wear damage of steam generator tubes for nuclear power plants can cause the leakage of radioactive substances. Therefore, the evaluation of...

Authors: Jeong Il Youn, Won Ha, Young Jig Kim

Abstract: A new process, melts dispersion technique, was developed to fabricate the solder powder in oil surroundings by forming molten metal’s...

Authors: Jae Myung Kim, Hyung Sun Kim

Abstract: We present the preliminary results of our research on the behavior of lead free glasses in the acid etching process, which is used for the...

Authors: Yu Jin Kim, Seong Jin Hwang, Hyung Sun Kim

Abstract: Oxide glasses having lower glass transition temperature are widely used in electric devices. The oxide glasses usually contain lead oxide....

Authors: Myung-Lyoung Cha, Seong Jin Hwang, Hyung Sun Kim

Abstract: We investigated the mechanism of chemical reaction between Bi2O3 glass and water solution during milling. As a result, the frit condition...

Authors: Jong Oh Kim, Jong Tae Jeong, Seog Ku Kim, Ree Ho Kim, Yong Jae Lee

Abstract: The integrated system of microfiltration and electrodialysis was proposed for wastewater reclamation, and the treatment performances were...

Authors: Young Sook Shim, Yeong Seok Yoo, Seung Whee Rhee, Woo Keun Lee

Abstract: The objective of this study is to prepare a pelletized adsorbent to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the municipal solid waste...

Authors: Jae Jun Kim, Sang Heum Youn, Kyu Hong Hwang, Jeong Bae Yoon, Sung Gap Lee, B.S. Jun, Jong Kook Lee, Seog Young Yoon, Hwan Kim

Abstract: Waste sludges produced from the recycling of concretes contain a large amount of aggregate powders and pre-reacted cements so that they have...


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