Eco-Materials Processing & Design VII

Volumes 510-511

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B.S. Lee, Dae Heon Joo, M. Ryou, Myung Ho Kim

Abstract: The influence of heat treatment on mechanical properties and textures of a meltextruded Al-4.5wt.%Cu alloy bar was studied. And its...

Authors: Dock Young Lee, Jun Hyun Han, Suk Won Kang, Jung-Hwa Mun, Ki Bae Kim

Abstract: In this study, the orientation distribution function (ODF), which can be calculated from the pole figure data, was examined and tried in...

Authors: J.H. Choi, H.S. Yoo, K.W. Cho, N.K. Kim, S.H. Oh, E.S. Choi, S.J. Yeom, H.J. Sun, S.S. Lee, K.N. Lee, Suk Kyoung Hong, Tae Whan Hong, Il Ho Kim, Sung Lim Ryu, Soon Young Kweon

Abstract: A 16Mb 1-transistor /1-capacitor (1T1C) FeRAM device was fabricated with lead-free Bi3.25La0.75Ti3.0O12 (BLT) capacitors. The key...

Authors: Kyung Shin, Song Seok, Soon Young Kweon, Il Ho Kim, Young Geun Lee, Tae Whan Hong

Abstract: The Ti-Cr systems are known to consist of BCC solid solution, C36, C14, C15 Laves phase at high temperature. Among others, BCC solid...

Authors: Y.-J. Son, Y.G. Choi, Joon Chul Kwon, K.W. Cho, Young Moon Kim, Soon Young Kweon, Tae Whan Hong, Young Geun Lee, Sung Lim Ryu, Man Soon Yoon, Soon Chul Ur

Abstract: In an approach to acclimate ourselves to the recent ecological consciousness trends, a lead free piezoelectric material, bismuth sodium...

Authors: Man Soon Yoon, Soon Chul Ur

Abstract: Since the discovery of relaxor behavior in Pb(Mg 1/3 Nb 2/3 )O3 (referred to as PMN), the studies of relaxor ferroelectrics with...

Authors: Jong Woong Kim, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: The effects of void formation on the joint strength and failure mode of the solder joints were examined. A computational modeling...

Authors: Dae Gon Kim, Sang Su Ha, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: The interfacial reaction and joint strength of the Pb-free flip chip solder joints were investigated. Microstructural investigations were...

Authors: Jeong Won Yoon, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: The interfacial reaction between eutectic Sn-3.5Ag solder and ENIG substrate during reflow was investigated. During the reflow, the topmost...

Authors: Bo In Noh, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: Thermal fatigue properties of solder joints encapsulated with underfill were studied conducting thermal shock tests. Flip chip package with...


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