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Authors: Yasuo Uchiyama, Yusuke Abe, Guo Bin Zheng, Hideaki Sano
Abstract:Change in mass and gas concentration during oxidation of carbon matrix composite added with B4C and SiC particles as an inhibiter for...
Authors: Y.A. Shapovalov, Dong Bok Lee
Abstract:The high temperature oxidation behavior of the TiAl(La)N coating, which was deposited on a steel substrate by the arc-ion plating method, was...
Authors: Dong Bok Lee, Y.A. Shapovalov
Abstract:The high-temperature oxidation behavior of WC-ZrN superhard nanocomposite film was studied in air between 500 and 700oC. The WC-ZrN film...
Authors: Dong Bok Lee, Sik Chol Kwon
Abstract:The oxidation of Cr-12.7 at.%C coatings electrodeposited on steel was studied at 700 and 800oC in air. The coatings, which consisted of...
Authors: Dong Bok Lee, Jae Ho Han, Young Do Kim, Sang Whan Park
Abstract:Using the hot pressing method, the Ti3SiC2 materials having fine and coarse grains were synthesized from TiC0.6 and Si powders, and the...
Authors: S.M. Moon, Nam Hee Cho
Abstract:~100 nm-sized BaTiO3 powders were prepared by hydro-thermal techniques, and the structural features of the powders were investigated as a...
Authors: Byung Geel Yu, Ye Lim Kim, Si Young Chang
Abstract:Deformation characteristics of a newly developed wave-typed heat sink during mechanical assembly of fin-base were analyzed by using the...
Authors: Yu Liang Liu, Tian Ying Xiong, Ke Yang
Abstract:Surface Nanocrystallization(SNC) is a new method of fabricating nanostructured materials while thermal stability is an important problem for...
Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Jae Min Lee, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung
Abstract:Al or Zn content of AZ31 alloy was reduced and small amounts of Sn were added to improve the formability of alloys. And the recystallization...
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