Eco-Materials Processing & Design VII

Volumes 510-511

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Young Ok Yoon, Hyung Ho Jo, Jin Kyu Lee, Dong In Jang, Shae K. Kim

Abstract: Thixoextrusion, one of the thixoforming processes, has advantages of high productivity, reduction of the extrusion pressure, extension of...

Authors: Sung Yeal Bae, In Sup Ahn, Tek Kyung Sung, Dong Kyu Park

Abstract: Nano-TiC powders were fabricated for mechanical alloying (MA) by shaker mill using the TiH2 powders mixed carbon powder. For mechanical...

Authors: Qi Zhou, Qin Ma, Yu Qiang Yi, Jian Jun Liu, Hong Lin Xu
Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Bong Koo Park, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung

Abstract: Small amounts of minor alloying elements such as RE and Sr were added to Mg- 8wt%Al-5wt%Zn (AZ91D+4%Zn), and their effects on the...

Authors: Seung Whee Rhee, Woo Keun Lee

Abstract: Spent foundry sand (SFS) from cast iron industry mixed with loess was characterized to recycle spent foundry sand as ceramic support...

Authors: Song Chen, Bin Zhang, Lei Ren, Li-Ping Sun, Qi Qing Zhang

Abstract: Chitosan-DNA nanoparticles were synthesized from the complexation of chitosan solution and the plasmid pCD-GFP encoding green fluorescent...

Authors: Hyung Ho Jo, Duck Young Hwang, Hoon Cho

Abstract: Environmental regulations in the refrigeration technology make the harmful refrigerants such as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs...

Authors: Young Sup Lee, Kyoung Won Seo, C.H. Lee, Cheol Ho Lim, C.H. Lee

Abstract: In this study, we examined brazeability of Al5052 alloys using a Ag-28Cu insert metal in vacuum condition. A high frequency...

Authors: Suk Won Kang, Ki Bae Kim, Dock Young Lee, Jung-Hwa Mun, Eui Pak Yoon
Authors: Sang Kee Lee, Kazuo Nakamura, Shoichi Kume, Koji Watari

Abstract: Hexagonal boron nitride ceramics with sintering additives were synthesized by uniaxial hot-pressing. Hot pressing was carried out at 1800oC...


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