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Authors: Seong Joo Lim, Kyoung Hoan Na, C.H. Lee
Abstract:The rotary swaging process for producing solid bars, tubes or wires is often used to obtain the chipless forming process compared with the...
Authors: Seong Joo Lim, Geun An Lee, Ha Guk Jeong, Seo Gou Choi, C.H. Lee
Abstract:In automotive industries, components have replaced steel with aluminum alloys since the automotive parts that used aluminum alloys have the...
Authors: Dae Hyun Song, C.W. Lee, K.Y. Nam, S.W. Lee, Yong Ho Park, Kyung Mok Cho, Ik Min Park
Abstract:The effect of Al content on the castability, tensile and creep properties of Mg-xAl-Zn alloy was investigated. The molten Mg-(3~11)Al-Zn...
Authors: Hyoung Wook Lee, Geun An Lee, Duk Jae Yoon, Seo Gou Choi, Nak Kyu Lee, Hye Jin Lee, Sung Min Bae
Abstract:A micro-alloyed non-heat-treated material does not need post heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering after the forming...
Authors: Jun Ki Chung, Sung Yeal Bae, Sung Gap Lee, Chan Park, Sang Im Yoo, Cheol Jin Kim
Abstract:We fabricated bi-axially textured pure Ni and Ni–5at.%W (Ni-5W) alloy tapes for the application of rechargeable battery cathode and coated...
Authors: Tae Hyun Nam, Shin Goo Hur, Jae Hwa Lee, Gyu Bong Cho
Abstract:Shape memory characteristics and superelasticity of an equiatomic Ti-Ni alloy with surface sulfide layers were investigated by means of...
Authors: Gyu Bong Cho, Bong Ki Lee, Won Chul Sin, Tae Hyun Nam
Abstract:Si film electrodes for Li micro-film batteries were fabricated on a Cu substrate and a Ni/Cu film. In the structural properties, Si film had...
Authors: Kwon Yeong Lee, Chang Seon Hwang, Seon Jin Kim, Gyung Guk Kim, Ji Hui Kim, Chong Seung Yoon
Abstract:The sliding wear behavior of a steam generator in a nuclear power plant (Inconel 600) was investigated at 225, 250 and 300°C. Effects of wear...
Authors: Ji Hui Kim, Kwang Su Na, Seon Jin Kim
Abstract:The cavitation erosion behavior of Fe-Cr-C-Si-xNi (x = 1, 2 and 3 wt.%) alloys were investigated for 50 hours using a 20 kHz vibratory...
Authors: M.H. Kim, S.H. Lee, H.N. Lim, Jung Mann Doh, H.G. Baik
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