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Authors: Eun Yi Kim, Yoo Hang Kim, Chin Myung Whang
Authors: Jong Hyuck Han, Soo Wohn Lee, Eun Ah Lee, Tian Ying Xiong, Zebin Bao, Hao Du
Abstract:Cold spray process offers an oxidation-free atmosphere. It is usually used for TiO2 coatings used in photocatalytic applications to purify a...
Authors: Hyun Ku Joo, Sang Bong Lee, Yong Gun Shul, Jin Wook Ha
Abstract:This study investigated the effects of constituents in bio/photocatalytic hydrogen production system using an experimental design tool, a...
Authors: Shan Zheng, Lian Gao
Abstract:Titanium oxynitride and molybdenum oxynitride assembled in the pores of mesoporous materials were achieved by nitriding titania-modified...
Authors: H.S. Jeong, J.R. Cho, Nak Kyu Lee, H.C. Park
Abstract:The manufacturing process of the exhaust valve in large marine diesel engines consists of an upset forging and final forming process. In the...
Authors: Ju Hyun Myung, Hyoun Woo Kim, S.H. Shim
Abstract:We report on the first synthesis of nanosized In2O3 rods using the TEI as a precursor in the presence of oxygen. The samples were...
Authors: Yasuo Yamada, Takumi Banno, Zhen Kai Xie, Cui E Wen
Abstract:The mechanical properties of a closed-cell aluminium foam were investigated by compressive tests, and the deformation behaviours of the...
Authors: Chong Mu Lee, Seung Mo Kang, Keun Bin Yim, Sook Joo Kim, Hyoun Woo Kim
Abstract:Epoxy molding compounds (EMC) with higher thermal stabilities are urgently needed as the light emitting diode (LED) becomes brighter and the...
Authors: Seong Jong Kim
Abstract:FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) ships used with small boats for fishing pose numerous problems related to both the environment and recycling....
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