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Authors: Ya Ran Niu, Xuan Yong Liu, Chuan Xian Ding
Abstract:In this work, silicon coatings were deposited using VPS and APS technologies. Their structure and composition were characterized using XPS,...
Authors: Won Ha, Jeong Il Youn, Young Jig Kim
Abstract:The candidate gases for the replacement of SF6 in magnesium melt protection were reviewed from the viewpoint of environmental effects, melt...
Authors: Kwang Dong Kim, Ki Bae Kim, Yu Chan Kim, Dock Young Lee, Do Hyang Kim
Authors: Li Rong Mo, Yu Bao Li, Guo Yu Lv, Ji Dong Li, Li Zhang
Abstract:In this paper, using sodium phosphate and calcium nitrate as reagents, nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HA) was synthesised under 8 conditions. The...
Authors: Makoto Nanko, Manabu Sato, Koji Matsumaru, Kozo Ishizaki
Abstract:Microstructure observation and kinetic analysis were conducted on fine Ni-20Cr powder (spherical shape and 5 m in average particle diameter)...
Authors: Rak Joo Sung, Dong Suk Kim, Su Ah Ji, Jeong Sik Park, Sang Woo Kim
Abstract:Density, purity, grain, and grain size distribution are the key factors that influence the transparency of an optical ceramics. To achieve...
Authors: Sang Woo Kim, Y.W. Yoon, G.Y. Kim, Kyung Sub Lee
Abstract:Radio frequency interference characteristics of plate-like Fe-Si-Al alloy powders-polymer composites were investigated for effective noise...
Authors: Si Joon Noh, Taek Kyun Jung, Dong Suk Lee, Mok Soon Kim, Sung Yi
Abstract:The rod-shaped bulk composites consisting of Al-10Ni-6Ce and Al-4Fe-0.6Mo-1.1V- 0.3Zr alloy (mixing ratio; 0.7:0.3, 0.5:0.5 and 0.3:0.7) and...
Authors: Shae K. Kim
Abstract:In order to solve problems modular type camshafts have, that is, reducing weight, increasing oil filling time and designing multi-valve...
Authors: Santiago Visbal, Soo Wohn Lee, C. Morillo, Daniel G. Carrillo, Joaquín Lira-Olivares
Abstract:This work studied the microstructure and tribological behavior of Al2O3/TiO2/ZrO2 nanocomposites to be used in hip joint replacements. To...
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