Eco-Materials Processing & Design VII

Volumes 510-511

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Noriko Bamba, Kentaro Kato, Toshinori Taishi, Takayuki Hayashi, Keigo Hoshikawa, Tatsuo Fukami

Abstract: Langasite (La3Ga5SiO14: denoted by LGS) single crystal is one of the lead free piezoelectric materials with high piezoelectricity that is...

Authors: Da Gang Guo, Han Yong, Ke Wei Xu

Abstract: A novel route is developed to prepare a new type of Sr-contained hydroxyapatite bone cement. Tetracalcium phosphate, strontium hydrogen...

Authors: Kyung Nam Kim, Dae Yong Shin, Hyun Park

Abstract: Sericite has the intermediate nature of the muscovite and illite, which has been used as the additive of the cosmetics, the ceramic...

Authors: Taek Kyun Jung, Dong Suk Lee, Mok Soon Kim, Won Yong Kim

Abstract: High strength Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr (wt.%) alloys fabricated by a melt spinning and a hot extrusion process were produced to correlate the...

Authors: Won Yong Kim, Han Sol Kim, In Dong Yeo

Abstract: We report on advanced β-titanium alloys having excellent biocompatibility without containing V or Al that has been known as a toxic element...

Authors: Deog Do Heo, B.S. Jun, Young Joo Oh

Abstract: Surface modification process was employed to enhance the thickness of film and avoid crack propagation during ambient drying for the smart...

Authors: H. Joo, J. Yun, K. Hwang, B.S. Jun

Abstract: Aluminum dross is presented as a potential material to form AlON using thermite reaction. The commercial MgAl powder, active carbon, and...

Authors: Jong Chul Yoo, C.J. Kang, D. Jeon, Yong Sang Kim

Abstract: We propose a new PDMS microfluidic system including microvalves and a micropump that are easily integrated on the same substrate with the...

Authors: Yuan Hua Mu, Yu Bao Li, Ming Bo Wang, Feng Lan Xu, Xiang Zhang, Zhi Yue Tian

Abstract: Porous n-HA/PVA hydrogel composite was prepared through in-situ hydrothermal treatment under normal pressure and emulsion foam...


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