Advanced Materials Forum III

Volumes 514-516

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Thomas Fiedler, Ekaterina Pesetskaya, Andreas Öchsner, José Grácio

Abstract: In this paper, the geometrical effective thermal conductivity of porous materials is investigated based on two different approaches: the...

Authors: Claudinei dos Santos, Kurt Strecker, Francisco Piorino Neto, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva, Flávia A. Almeida, Rui F. Silva

Abstract: The objective of this work was to evaluate the creep behaviour of Si3N4 based ceramics obtained by uniaxial hot-pressing. As sintering...

Authors: Fernando A. Costa Oliveira, Susana Dias, Jorge Cruz Fernandes

Abstract: Open-cell ceramic foams are being considered for a variety of applications owing to their high permeability and low weight, including molten...

Authors: Joao P. Nobre, Altino Loureiro, António Castanhola Batista, A. Morão Dias

Abstract: In this work the reliability of the hole-drilling technique (HDT) for measuring welding residual stresses was analysed. HDT residual stress...

Authors: José A. Rodríguez, José M. Gallardo, Enrique J. Herrera

Abstract: Mechanically alloyed aluminium, MA Al, powder is difficult to consolidate. Consolidation often involves complex processing that includes a...

Authors: Nelson Silva, Alexandre Velhinho

Abstract: In the present paper, work of a preliminary nature pertaining to the development of a simple tool for easy identification of reinforcement...

Authors: Nuno Lourenço, Henrique Santos

Abstract: A continuous effort is being devoted to study the feasibility of improving the wear resistance of ductile iron components through an...

Authors: Rui de Oliveira, António Torres Marques

Abstract: In this study is proposed a procedure for damage discrimination based on acoustic emission signals clustering using artificial neural...

Authors: Rui de Oliveira, Orlando Frazão, José L. Santos, António Torres Marques

Abstract: In this study an optic fibre system for health monitoring of fibre reinforced plastics was developed. It is based on the detection of...

Authors: Sandra Costa, Micaela Miranda, Humberto Varum, Filipe Teixeira Dias

Abstract: Glass can be considered to be a high-technology engineering material with a multifunctional potential for structural applications. However,...


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