High-Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion 2005

Volumes 522-523

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.522-523

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Authors: Toshio Narita, Takeshi Izumi, Takumi Nishimoto, Yoshimitsu Shibata, Kemas Zaini Thosin, Shigenari Hayashi

Abstract: To suppress interdiffusion between the coating and alloy substrate in addition to ensuring slow oxide growth at very high temperatures...

Authors: David J. Young

Abstract: Iron and nickel, model alloys of Ni-Cu and Fe-Cr, and commercial heat resisting alloys were exposed at 650-680oC to flowing CO-H2-H2O gases...

Authors: Takashi Goto

Abstract: The passive oxidation mechanism of CVD SiC was discussed from experimental results with high-temperature thermogravimetry and thermodynamic...

Authors: Mitsutoshi Ueda, Kenichi Kawamura, Toshio Maruyama

Abstract: Estimation of void formation in oxide scale is important for predicting exfoliation of the oxide scale. Void formation in magnetite scale...

Authors: Ye Dong He, Jing Ma, Zheng Wei Li, Wei Gao

Abstract: It is shown from the oxidation results that, for Fe-Cr, Ni-Cr, Co-Cr binary alloys with and without internal Cr2O3 precipitations after...

Authors: Yasumitsu Kondo

Abstract: Copper and nickel are accumulated in steels when steel scrap is used as steel sources. It is well known that copper causes hot shortness...

Authors: Mike J. Graham

Abstract: Modern analytical techniques are useful to characterize oxide films and to study oxide growth processes. This paper will summarize some of...

Authors: P. Kodjamanova, H. Fietzek, Maria Juez-Lorenzo, Vladislav Kolarik, Heike Hattendorf

Abstract: In order to contribute to a better understanding of the processes, which occur in the structure of FeCrAl alloys during oxidation, in situ...

Authors: Rex Y. Chen, W.Y.Daniel Yuen

Abstract: The oxidation behaviour of a commercial low carbon, low silicon steel in flowing air at 600-920°C was investigated. Parabolic oxidation...

Authors: Ayako Sato, Hideyuki Takahashi, Masayuki Yoshiba

Abstract: An analytical study of high-temperature corrosive failure in a waste incineration plant was conducted using a new type EPMA equipped with a...


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