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Authors: Yun Zhong Liu, Yuan Yuan Li
Abstract:In conventional studies, different empirical atomization equations are correlated for different kinds of atomization methods or even in the...
Authors: Chong Lin Wang, Chun Guang Zhang
Abstract:X-ray analysis on iron ores and reduced iron powders revealed that around 60% acidinsoluble substances were hexagonal and tetragonal quartz,...
Authors: D. Kim, E.S. Vasilieva, A.G. Nasibulin, D.W. Lee, Oleg V. Tolochko, Byoung Kee Kim
Abstract:Magnetic oxide-coated iron nanoparticles with the mean size ranging from 6 to 75 nm were synthesized by aerosol method using iron carbonyl...
Authors: Lydia Achelis, Volker Uhlenwinkel, S. Lagutkin, Sh. Sheikhaliev
Abstract:An update and the latest results on molten metal atomization using a Pressure-Gas- Atomizer will be given. This atomizer combines a...
Authors: Woo Hyun Jung, Dong Kyu Park, Kwang Chul Jung, Se Hoon Suck, In Sup Ahn, Ki Won Kim
Abstract:As the electrodes of secondary battery are made with sulfide composite powders, excellent electrode system of environmental non-toxicity and...
Authors: Sang Jin Lee, P.W. Shin, J.W. Kim, S.Y. Chun
Abstract:Pure and stable YAG (Y3Al5O12) powders were synthesized by a PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) polymer solution technique. PVA was used as an organic...
Authors: Kwon Koo Cho, Kyo Hong Choi, Ki Won Kim, Gyu Bong Cho, Yoo Young Kim
Abstract:Gallium phosphide nanowires were successfully synthesized by the catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method using MgO...
Authors: Jong Keun Ha, Kwon Koo Cho, Ki Won Kim, Tae Hyun Nam, Hyo Jun Ahn, Gyu Bong Cho
Abstract:Various physical, chemical and mechanical methods, such as inert gas condensation, chemical vapor condensation, sol-gel, pulsed wire...
Authors: Christopher Schade, John Schaberl
Abstract:Advanced melting technology is now being employed in the manufacture of stainless steel powders. The new process currently includes electric...
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