Materials Science, Testing and Informatics III

Volumes 537-538

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H. Kleemola

Abstract: The influences of the membership of Finland in the European Union on the structures and development of the materials research and...

Authors: F. Al-Taher, J. Telegdi, Erika Kálmán

Abstract: Langmuir-Blodgett films (LB) of hydroxamic amphiphiles were used as coating barriers on metal surface against corrosion. Two long-chain...

Authors: Ágnes O. Csicsely, Zsuzsanna Józsa, István Sajtos

Abstract: The research topic is the analysis of adobe-clay as a structural material. The behaviour of adobe brick elements of different mixtures were...

Authors: Éva Dénes, Anna Fauszt, László Kopasz, Péter Török, Balázs Verő

Abstract: The coated product market is a highly quality exigent market which has been developing for decades. The technological process of...

Authors: Enikö Réka Fábián, László Dévényi

Abstract: The solubility of hydrogen in iron and steels are affected by temperature and crystal structure. At lower temperatures (below about 400°C),...

Authors: László Kuzsella, Imre Szabó

Abstract: The wood is one of the most favourable structural material. It appears on all fields of the ordinary life. It is difficult to say an...

Authors: Attila Magasdi, János Dobránszky, F. Tusz, János Ginsztler

Abstract: The typical tool steels of the wood-cutting industry are the unalloyed and chromium and nickel containing, low-alloyed eutectoid steels....

Authors: Viktória Rontó, E. Nagy, Mária Svéda, Kinga Tomolya, F. Varga, B. Molnár

Abstract: Copper alloys have many properties, which make them suitable in wide-ranging applications in all the engineering industries. For the...


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