Materials Science, Testing and Informatics III

Volumes 537-538

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tamás Sándor, János Dobránszky

Abstract: The TIG welding has a high disadvantage against the substantially high productivity welding procedures. This is why there were continuously...

Authors: Z.L. Simon, László Mihály Vas

Abstract: The effect of span-to-thickness ratio (L/h) on the bending modulus was investigated in warp, 45°, 67.5° and weft directions in woven glass...

Authors: Abdulmajed Alagta, Ilona Felhősi, Erika Kálmán

Abstract: The selected dihydroxamic acid derivatives, namely oxalyl-dihydroxamic acid (C2) and pimeloyl-1,5-di-hydroxamic acid (C7) have been...

Authors: R. Anandkumar, Rogerio Colaço, Václav Ocelík, Jeff T.M. de Hosson, Rui Vilar

Abstract: Surface coatings of Al-Si/SiC metal-matrix composites were deposited on Al-7 wt. % Si alloy substrates by laser cladding. The...

Authors: Csaba Balázsi, Zsolt Czigány, Ferenc Wéber, Zsuzsanna Kövér, Zoltán Kónya, Zófia Vértesy, László Péter Biró, Imre Kiricsi, Péter Arató

Abstract: Ownvkycnn" ectdqp" pcpqvwdg" tgkphqtegf" uknkeqp" pkvtkfg" eqorqukvgu" jcxg" dggp" tgcnkugf" d{" ...

Authors: Csaba Balázsi, Zsuzsanna Kövér, Enikõ Horváth, Csaba Németh, Zsolt Kasztovszky, Sándor Kurunczi, Ferenc Wéber

Abstract: Ecnekwo" rjqurjcvgu" cpf" j{ftqz{crcvkvg" pcpqrqyfgtu" jcxg" dggp" rtqfwegf" d{" wukpi" ...

Authors: Csaba Balázsi, Esra Özkan Zayim

Abstract: Vjg"rtgrctcvkqp"cpf"ejctcevgtkucvkqp"qh"YQ50315J4Q"rjcug."yjkej"ku"cp"kpvgtogfkcvg"vq" ...

Authors: Tamás Bárány, András Izer, Tibor Czigány

Abstract: Highly oriented polypropylene fiber reinforced random PP copolymer composites were produced by film-stacking method. The reinforcing fibers...

Authors: Marton Benke, Valéria Mertinger, E. Nagy, Jan Van Humbeeck

Abstract: The ageing phenomena and its effect on the thermoelastic martensitic transformation was investigated in three Cu-base SMAs. The...

Authors: György Czél, Zoltán Kanyok

Abstract: Different properties (tensile strength, elongation, modulus, impact strength) of rice husk (RH) reinforced polypropylene (PP) coupled by...


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