Materials Science, Testing and Informatics III

Volumes 537-538

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L. Harasztosi, Lajos Daróczi, I.A. Szabó, Z. Balogh, Dezső L. Beke

Abstract: Temperature dependence of different parameters (the position of the inflexion point and the saturation value on the root main square, RMS,...

Authors: Dezső Hegyi, István Sajtos, György Sándor

Abstract: The technical textiles are very sensitive materials. To measure the elongation of such a material needs special care. A photographic...

Authors: Ibolya Kardos, Zoltán Gácsi, Péter János Szabó

Abstract: Color etching is a widely used technique for visualizing different phases in metallic materials. Its advantage to the traditional etching...

Authors: Tünde Kovács, László Dévényi

Abstract: When investigating the wear phenomena often there is a need for studying the wear process on the basis of variable parameters...

Authors: Henriett Lovas, V. Katalin Josepovits, Zoltán Tóth, M. Tóth

Abstract: In this work we present the investigations on the determination of the mechanism of sodium loss in High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. The...

Authors: István Mészáros

Abstract: A new type of vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) was designed for measuring the magnetic properties of soft and hard magnetic materials is...

Authors: István Mészáros, János Ginsztler

Abstract: In this work the magnetic anisotropy of the 15Mo3 type steel was investigated which was induced by deterioration process caused by thermal...

Authors: László Molnár, Enikő Solti, Attila Bojtos, Antal Huba

Abstract: This paper presents an overview about results of mechanical testing of human tendon. We are dealing with the main function of tendon and...

Authors: Cs. Orosz, Béla Palotás, János Dobránszky

Abstract: Year by year the user and process site of steelmarket keep growing and lay claim to the steelmakers. The researchers, developers and...

Authors: Tamás Réti, Enikő Bitay

Abstract: In recent years, several attempts have been made to characterize the geometric structure of fullerenes by means of topological shape...


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