Materials Science, Testing and Informatics III

Volumes 537-538

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: György Ring, Eszter Bognár, János Dobránszky

Abstract: In our study we summarise the materials and manufacturing technologies of coronary stents used nowadays. Different testing methods for...

Authors: A. Takács-Szabó, Balázs Verő, Jenő Sólyom

Abstract: Results of the X-ray diffraction (done by computer quantitative phase analysis) and metallographic miscroscopy (colour etching and computer...

Authors: Péter Trampus

Abstract: Fracture of ferritic reactor pressure vessel steels is determined by temperature and specimen size. In low temperature fracture occurs by...

Authors: F. Walther, Dietmar Eifler

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of the microstructure on the fatigue behaviour of specimens from defined rim positions of original railway...

Authors: István Bagi, Pál Tomka

Abstract: The paper reviews the whole design process of large−scale trusses of overhead lines for power transmission. It describes the modules of the...

Authors: I. Budai, Mária Z. Benkő, György Kaptay

Abstract: Six different theoretical equations are compared in the present paper with experimental data, measured for 28 binary liquid metallic...

Authors: Zoltán Dudás

Abstract: Knowledge of the TTT (Time-Temperature-Transformation) or CCT (Continuous- Cooling-Transformation) diagrams of steels is an important...

Authors: Zoltán Dudás

Abstract: The TTT (Time-Temperature-Transformation) phase transformation diagrams based on FEM based phase elements make it possible to create...

Authors: Imre Felde, Imre Czinege, B. Smoljan, Rafael Colás

Abstract: A novel numerical approach for testing and evaluation of quenching media and quenching systems is outlined. The technique proposed is based...

Authors: David Felhös, Karoly Váradi, Klaus Friedrich

Abstract: Rollers of three different material structures were examined: rollers consisting of pure EP resin; homogeneous EP/SiC composite rollers...


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