Materials Science, Testing and Informatics III

Volumes 537-538

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: György Kaptay

Abstract: In the present paper the wettability of a liquid metal by another liquid metal is studied theoretically, based on a recent model on...

Authors: O. Niño, D. Martínez, C. Lizcano, Martha Patrizia Guerrero-Mata, Rafael Colás

Abstract: The process known as Tempcore is used to produce high resistance rods by the formation of a surface layer of quenched and tempered...

Authors: Zoltán Pálmai

Abstract: The author developed a three-dimensional model for the description of fast plastic deformation of metals in the case of cutting. Shear...

Authors: Mihály Réger, Balázs Verő, Zsolt Csepeli, Péter Pinke

Abstract: The final microstructure of DP and TRIP assisted steels can evolve after hot working (hot rolling) or during post heat treatment process....

Authors: Mihály Réger, Balázs Verő, Árpád Szélig

Abstract: This paper deals with the characterization of solidification, cooling and expected properties of continuously cast slabs. Semi-empirical...

Authors: Tamás Réti, Agnes Csizmazia, Imre Felde

Abstract: To characterize topologically the polycrystalline microstructure of single-phase alloys computer simulations are performed on 3-dimensional...

Authors: Tamás Réti, Imre Czinege, Imre Felde, Lino Costa, Rafael Colás

Abstract: Kinetic models of new types are suggested which are designated primarily to predict the progress of non-isothermal transformations...

Authors: Tamás Réti, Ibolya Zsoldos

Abstract: In order to simulate the polyhedral grain nucleation in alloys, 3-D cell population growth processes are studied in space-filling periodic...

Authors: Arnold Rónaföldi, Jenő Kovács, András Roósz

Abstract: Experiments were performed for visual observation and investigation of liquid Gallium flow at a temperature of 40oC in a rotating magnetic...

Authors: Reza Rowshan, Mária Kocsis Baán

Abstract: When applying laser transformation hardening (LTH) on a steel part the aim is to harden a localized area, which results in high hardness...


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