Advanced Powder Technology V

Volumes 530-531

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.L. Parucker, César Edil da Costa

Abstract: This work is concerned with issues related to using grey cast iron swarf from dry machining in powder metallurgy. In a first stage, a...

Authors: Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo, D.S. Almeida, Mario Lima de Alencastro Graça

Abstract: Gamma-TiAl alloys are potential replacements for nickel alloys and conventional titanium alloys in the cooler sections of turbine engines,...

Authors: Rejane A. Nogueira, Oscar O. Araújo Filho, Leonardo F.M. Souza, João Franklin Liberati, Lucio Salgado, Francisco Ambrozio Filho

Abstract: The heat treatment of high speed steel tools consists of austenitizing, quenching and tempering. The size of austenite grains formed during...

Authors: Marize Varella de Oliveira, Anderson Camargo Moreira, Carlos R. Appoloni, R.T. Lopes, Luiz Carlos Pereira, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo

Abstract: Titanium foams have been used for surgical implants and biomedical engineering because they exhibit inert behavior and good corrosion...

Authors: Fábio de Oliveira Arouca, L.C.O. Lopes, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno

Abstract: Knowledge of particle concentration is of extreme importance for the settling phenomenon. For well-diluted suspensions the solids...

Authors: Fábio de Oliveira Arouca, C.G. Azevedo, M.H.A. Oliveira, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno

Abstract: The dynamic analysis of behavior of solid particles in porous media such as settling processes are important for the dimensioning...

Authors: F.A.L. Machado, Roberto da Trindade Faria Jr., Marcello Filgueira, M.F. Rodrigues, Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, H. Vargas

Abstract: The open photoacoustic cell technique (OPC) was carried out in order to measure the thermal diffusivity of hardmetal. Hardmetal is usually...

Authors: M.M. Serna, Edilson Rosa Barbarosa Jesus, E. Galego, Luís Gallego Martinez, H.P.S. Corrêa, J.L. Rossi

Abstract: The aim of the work was to prepare an overview about the microstructures present in high-speed steel, focused on the crystallography of the...

Authors: Maria do Carmo Silva, Ana Cris R. Veloso, Rodinei Medeiros Gomes, Severino Jackson Guedes de Lima, Tadeu Antonio de Azevedo Melo, Francisco Ambrozio Filho

Abstract: NiTi alloys with equiatomic composition of NiTi have the highest technological interest for its potencial application in differents areas...

Authors: V.L.R. Salvador, Nelson Batista de Lima

Abstract: This paper presents a new method to separate interfering spectra obtained in wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry (WDXRF)....


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