Advanced Powder Technology V

Volumes 530-531

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Edilson Rosa Barbarosa Jesus, E.S. Jesus Filho, J.L. Rossi

Abstract: Machining tools (interchangeable inserts) were manufactured from spray formed AISI M2 high-speed steel. The spray formed materials were...

Authors: J.B. Manuel, J.H. de Araújo, Franciné Alves Costa, Harim Revoredo de Macedo, Uilame Umbelino Gomes, A.G.P. Silva

Abstract: Cemented tungsten carbides were produced by liquid-phase sintering. In these work high energy milling (HEM) was used to produce homogeneous...

Authors: M.A. Martinez, J. Abenojar, J.M. Mota, R. Calabrés

Abstract: The objective of the present work is to study the manufacturing process of steels with high carbon content (1.5–2.1wt%) obtained by powder...

Authors: Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Krzysztof Labisz, Marek Piec, Józef Lelątko, Andrzej Klimpel

Abstract: This paper presents the investigation results of laser alloying and the influence on structure and properties of the surface of the...

Authors: Elisa B. Taddei, Vinicius André Rodrigues Henriques, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo

Abstract: Beta titanium alloys, e.g., are now the main target for medical materials. Ti-35Nb-7Zr- 5Ta alloy were manufactured by blended elemental...

Authors: C.M.F. Gomes, L.C.O. Santos, A.G.P. Silva, Uilame Umbelino Gomes, J.N.F. Holanda

Abstract: This work presents the results of a study concerning the influence of the addition of rareearth elements (La2O3 and CeO2) on the sintering...

Authors: Tsutomu Sonoda, Kenji Katou, Insu Jeon, Yasuo Yamada, Tadashi Asahina

Abstract: Fabrication of sintered compact from aluminum powder coated with tin deposits was examined, in order to enhance the bonding among the...

Authors: Oscar O. Araujo Filho, Maurício David Martins das Neves, João Franklin Liberati, Luís Carlos Elias da Silva, Lucio Salgado, Francisco Ambrozio Filho

Abstract: Liquid phase sintering of high speed steels seems to be a cheaper processing route in the manufacturing of tool steels if compared to the...

Authors: G. de Vasconcelos, R. Cesar Maia, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo, R. Riva, N.A.S. Rodrigues, F.C. Mello

Abstract: In this study, the results of the feasibility of sintering green compacts of metallic powder of MoSi2 by a CO2 laser beam as the heating...

Authors: Vádila Giovana Guerra, A.P.R.A. Ribeiro, José Antônio Silveira Gonçalves, José Renato Coury

Abstract: The Venturi scrubber is used for removing particulate matter from gaseous effluents and finds a large application in industry. The size of...


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