Advanced Powder Technology V

Volumes 530-531

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E.S. Jesus Filho, Edilson Rosa Barbarosa Jesus, Lucio Salgado, S.L. Jesus, Marco Antonio Colosio, José Carlos Santos, S. Yoshida, C.H. Sartori, J.L. Rossi

Abstract: This work presents aspects related to new sintered materials for valve seat inserts application. Two types of materials were evaluated. The...

Authors: M.C.E. Bandeira, J.A. Crayston, César V. Franco

Abstract: The characterization of poly-{trans-[RuCl2(vpy)4]}films, deposited on Nd-Fe-B magnets and on Pt, Au and Glassy Carbon (GC) electrodes,...

Authors: A.V.C. Sobral, César V. Franco

Abstract: The use of generated coated polymeric films by electrochemistry means in the sintered metallic surfaces has been being the focus of our...

Authors: A.V.C. Sobral, Isolda Costa, César V. Franco

Abstract: The present work describes the studies on corrosion of powder injection molded 316L stainless steel potentiostatically coated by...

Authors: A. James Henderson, Ronnie Singh

Abstract: New P/M lubricant formulations implement micron-sized (“micronized”) cellulose particles (MCP) to create MCP-enhanced lubricants....

Authors: M.F. Pillis, Edval G. de Araújo, Lalgudi Venkataraman Ramanathan

Abstract: Rare earth elements are often added to chromium dioxide forming alloys to improve its high temperature oxidation resistance. The rare...

Authors: Renato Altobelli Antunes, Wagner S. Wiggers, Maysa Terada, Paulo A.P. Vendhausen, Isolda Costa

Abstract: The use of AISI 316L stainless steels for biomedical applications as implants is widespread due to a combination of low cost and easy...

Authors: M.C.E. Bandeira, F.D. Prochnow, Isolda Costa, César V. Franco

Abstract: Nd-Fe-B magnets present outstanding magnetic properties. However, due to their low corrosion resistance, their applications are limited to...

Authors: Clarice Terui Kunioshi, Olandir Vercino Correa, Lalgudi Venkataraman Ramanathan

Abstract: The erosion-oxidation (E-O) behavior of high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) sprayed Ni20Cr alloy as well as WC and Cr3C2 cermet coatings on a...

Authors: H.O. Santos, Clarice Terui Kunioshi, J.L. Rossi, Isolda Costa

Abstract: Al-Si hypereutectic alloys produced by spray forming represent an important technological development for application in the aeronautical...


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