Materials Science, Testing and Informatics III

Volumes 537-538

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zoltán Mezey, Tibor Czigány

Abstract: Mechanical properties of hemp fiber reinforced polypropylene were investigated. Hemp fibers were carded together with polypropylene fibers,...

Authors: Annamaria Mikó, Márton Takács, M. Lakatos-Varsányi, L.K. Varga

Abstract: Amorphous and partly nanocrystalline amorphous iron-phosphorus (Fe-P) layers have been deposited by pulse electrochemical technique. X-ray...

Authors: A. Paszternák, Ilona Felhősi, Z. Keresztes, Erika Kálmán

Abstract: Phosphonate layer formation on passive iron surface has been investigated by electrochemical and atomic force microscopy techniques. It was...

Authors: Ioana Rotariu, Graziella L. Turdean, Fiammetta Kormos, Dan Macarovici, Gyula Tolnai, Ilona Felhősi, Péter M. Nagy, László Trif, Erika Kálmán

Abstract: The ZrO2 coatings were deposited by sol-gel techniques on copper and steel. The film morphology has been investigated by AFM technique. The...

Authors: A. Tóth, I. Bertóti, M. Mohai, T. Ujvári

Abstract: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was surface treated by nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII), with the main...

Authors: Sara Tóth, M. Füle, M. Veres, I. Pócsik, Margit Koós

Abstract: Electrodes for electric double layer supercapacitors (EDLS) usually made of a mixture of carbon black and binder material. However the...

Authors: János Vad, Bálint Morlin

Abstract: A fluid mechanical model was elaborated for the formation of mineral wool in the Junkers production technology. The model is based on an...

Authors: M. Veres, Sara Tóth, M. Füle, János Dobránszky, László Major, Margit Koós

Abstract: The structure of diamond-like carbon thin films prepared by radio frequency chemical vapor deposition onto the surface of different...

Authors: D. Aranyi, Péter M. Nagy, Zs. Oláh, Erika Kálmán

Abstract: Radical reduction of sulphur content in diesel fuel from the mid 90’s had disastrous impact on diesel fuel’s lubricity. Due to the...

Authors: Z. Balogh, Lajos Daróczi, Z. Erdélyi, S. Szabó, R. Juhász, Dezső L. Beke

Abstract: Barkhausen noise properties of amorphous and nanocrystallized FINEMET type soft magnetic materials are investigated. It is obtained that...


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