Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C. Briones-Rodríguez, Vicente Mayagoitia, Ricardo Cuenca-Alvarez

Abstract: The performance of an in-house designed mechanofusion process and the preparation of composite powders for plasma spraying are investigated...

Authors: Dong Kai Cheng, Hong Qiu Ma, Dan Cao, Fu Chang Ding

Abstract: This paper described the preparation method for composing high-grade synthetic diamond by water atomizing using FeNi30 powder catalyst.The...

Authors: Sang Jin Lee, Man Jong Lee, Young Soo Yoon

Abstract: Several titanate powders (Al2TiO5, SrTiO3, etc.) were synthesized by an ethylene glycol solution route. Titanium isopropoxide and nitrate...

Authors: Min Ho Youn, Rajat Kanti Paul, Ho Yeon Song, Byong Taek Lee

Abstract: Using microwave synthesized HAp nano powder and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) as a pore-forming agent, the porous biphasic calcium...

Authors: Xiao Hu Chen, Xiao Min Chen, Huang Zhao, Ji Huai Wu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the possibility of rod-like Al2TiO5 formation via a mechanical activation process. A QM-ISP-4...

Authors: Rahmi Ünal, Mehmet Aydın

Abstract: The most important parameter for production of fine powders efficiently is the velocity of the atomizing gas. This can be achieved by...

Authors: D.W. Lee, Ji Hun Yu, T.S. Lim, Tae Suk Jang

Abstract: Nanostructured CeO2 powder was synthesized by a thermochemical process and its applicability as an oxygen gas sensor was investigated. An...

Authors: Kyou Hyun Kim, Hoon Park, Jae Pyong Ahn, Jael Chul Lee, Jong Ku Park

Abstract: The spherical anatase TiO2 nanoparticle of 50 nm in diameter was manufactured by flame method and was subsequently heat-treated to...

Authors: Kazumi Minagawa, Hideki Kakisawa, Kohmei Halada

Abstract: Hybrid atomization is a new atomization technique that combines gas atomization with centrifugal atomization. This process can produce...

Authors: Hideo Okuyama, Masahiro Uda, Tetsuo Uchikoshi, Tohru Suzuki, Yoshio Sakka

Abstract: The disintegration of 6 different Nb-Zr-Fe alloys and their hydrogen storage properties due to hydrogenation have been investigated. The...


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