Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Eun Hee Lee, Min Ku Lee, Chang Kyu Rhee

Abstract: Colloid stability of the suspensions of Ni nanoparticles has been investigated with adding polymeric dispersant in various organic media....

Authors: Dong Hoon Lee, Hye Suk Park, Dong Wan Seo, Tae Whan Hong, Soon Chul Ur, Whan Gi Kim

Abstract: Branched sulfonated poly(ether sulfone-ketone) copolymer was prepared with bisphenol A, 4,4-difluorobenzophenone, sulfonated chlorophenyl...

Authors: Oleg Vasylkiv, Yoshio Sakka, Valeriy Skorokhod

Abstract: We demonstrate the methodology of engineering the multi-component ceramic nanopowder with precise morphology by ‘nano-blast’ calcinations...

Authors: S.H. Woo, Min Ku Lee, Chang Kyu Rhee

Abstract: Aluminum hydroxides were synthesized by a simple electrolytic reaction of aluminum plates. The aluminum monohydroxide, boehmite(AlO(OH)),...

Authors: Byoung Kee Kim, Yong Jin Kim, Jin Chun Kim

Abstract: Ni59Zr20Ti16Si2Sn3 bulk metallic glass (BMG) powders were produced by a gas atomization process, and ductile Cu powders were coated on the...

Authors: Ki Hun Seong, Jai Sung Lee

Abstract: Synthesis of iron nanopowder by room-temperature electrochemical reduction process of α-Fe2O3 nanopowder was investigated in terms of phase...

Authors: Beom Seob Kim, Young Chul Woo, Deug Joong Kim

Abstract: Synthesis of nano TiC powder by carbothermal reduction procedure of TiO2 was investigated. TiO2 was mixed with resin or carbon powder as...

Authors: Shin Hyuk Kang, Beom Seob Kim, Deug Joong Kim

Abstract: The carbothermal reduction synthesis process of titanium diboride (TiB2) particles was studied. In the synthesis of TiB2 using carbothermal...

Authors: Wei Dong, Satoshi Masuda, Kenta Takagi, Akira Kawasaki

Abstract: Mono-sized silicon particles were effectively fabricated by a novel way named pulsated orifice ejection method (POEM). The particles are...

Authors: S.S. Jung, Yun Sung Kang, Jai Sung Lee

Abstract: The present investigation has attempted to optimize hydrogen reduction process for the mass production of Fe-8wt%Ni nanoalloy powder from...


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