Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chuan Yu Wu, A.C. Bentham, A. Mills

Abstract: Powder compaction is a well-established process for manufacturing a wide range of products, including engineering components and...

Authors: I. Zerrouk, S.G. Ionov, V.P. Popov, S. Hamamda

Abstract: This research is aimed at determining the thermal expansion coefficient, α(T), along three directions, X, Y, and Z, of a graphite sample...

Authors: Quang Pham, Young Gi Jeong, Seung Chae Yoon, Sun Ig Hong, Soon Hyung Hong, Hyoung Seop Kim

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been the subject of intensive study for applications in the fields of nanotechnologies in recent years due to...

Authors: Hiroyuki Y. Suzuki, Yuichi Kadono, Hidenori Kuroki

Abstract: High-Speed Centrifugal Compaction Process (HCP) is one of slip-using compacting method originally developed for processing of oxide...

Authors: Seung Chae Yoon, Sun Ig Hong, Soon Hyung Hong, Hyoung Seop Kim

Abstract: In this study, bottom-up type powder processing and top-down type SPD (severe plastic deformation) approaches were combined in order to...

Authors: Choun Sung Kang, S.C. Lee, K.T. Kim, Oleg Rozenberg

Abstract: Densification behavior of iron powder under cold stepped compaction was studied. Experimental data were also obtained for iron powder under...

Authors: Sheng Guan Qu, Yuan Yuan Li, Wei Xia, Wei Ping Chen

Abstract: An apparatus measuring changes of various forces directly and continuously was developed by a way of direct touch between powders and...

Authors: Nobuhiko Matsumoto, Toshitake Miyake, Mikio Kondoh, Kimihiko Ando, Hitoshi Tanino

Abstract: The high pressure compaction without internal lubricant and the high green density even with the pore free density were achieved by the...

Authors: Hironori Suzuki, Toshihiro Hara, Yukinobu Ogino, Yasushi Sato, Yo Tomota

Abstract: In order to develop the SUS304L housing by powder metallurgy for an optical device useful for the FTTH communication system, the optimum...

Authors: Ungsoo Kim, Duck Kyeom Kim, William Carty, Jae Hwan Pee, Eui Seok Choi

Abstract: Granular feedstock for dry pressing is prepared by spray drying oxide powders with polymeric additives. The interactions between polymeric...


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