Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Francis Hanejko, Arthur Rawlings, Patrick King, George Poszmik

Abstract: This paper will describe a powder and processing method that facilitates single presssingle sintered densities approaching 7.5 g/cm³. At...

Authors: Chong Xi Bao, Zhou Qiang Shen, Zheng Ping Shu

Abstract: The processes of P/M affect the properties of sintered gears. The different techniques of P/M lead to the different properties of sintered...

Authors: Jose Manuel Prado

Abstract: In this work the elastic behaviour of metallic powder compacts is studied. Cylindrical specimens with different levels of density have been...

Authors: Enrico Armentani, G.F. Bocchini, G. Cricrì, Renato Esposito

Abstract: The deformation under radial pressure of rectangular dies for metal powder compaction has been investigated by FEM. The explored variables...

Authors: Z. Jiang, C. Lucien Falticeanu, I.T.H. Chang

Abstract: With the onging trend of reducing the weight of automotive parts, there is also an increasing trend in the use of light alloys. Recently,...

Authors: Te Su Kwak

Abstract: This study is focused on the manufacturing technique of powder injection molding of watch case made from zirconia powder. A series of...

Authors: Chul Jin Hwang, Y.B. Ko, Hyung Pil Park, S.T. Chung, Byung Ohk Rhee

Abstract: Powder Injection Molding (PIM) has recently been recognized as an advanced manufacturing technology for low-cost mass production of metal...

Authors: Chul Jin Hwang, Y.B. Ko, Hyung Pil Park, S.T. Chung, Byung Ohk Rhee

Abstract: With the capability of net shaping for complex 3D geometry, powder injection molding (PIM) is widely used for automotive parts, electronics...

Authors: Eung Ryul Baek, Sugen Supriadi, Chul Jin Choi, Byong Taek Lee, Jae Wook Lee

Abstract: Micro powder metal injection molding has received attention as a manufacturing technology for microparts. Small powder size is very useful...

Authors: Gemma Herranz, B. Levenfeld, A. Várez

Abstract: In this present investigation, Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) of M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) parts using a wax-High Density Polyethylene...


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