High-Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion 2005

Volumes 522-523

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.522-523

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Authors: C. Anghel, Gunnar Hultquist, Qian Dong, J. Rundgren, Isao Saeki, Magnus Limbäck

Abstract: A better understanding of the transport properties of gases in oxides is certainly very important in many applications. In the case of...

Authors: Yuri Kitajima, Shigenari Hayashi, Toshio Narita

Abstract: Phase equilibria in the Ni-Al-Cr system at 1150°C were investigated by using annealed ternary alloys and diffusion couples. The phase...

Authors: Ikuo Ishikawa, Hiroshi Nanjo

Abstract: We propose a multi-element hopping model, which shows the flux equations of various cations under high electric field. The model is applied...

Authors: Stuart R.J. Saunders, Neil L. McCartney

Abstract: This review discusses key papers presented at an EPRI sponsored Workshop on “Scale Growth and Exfoliation in Steam Plant” that was held at...

Authors: Stephen Osgerby, A. Tony Fry

Abstract: Three commercial martensitic steels have been oxidised in steam at 600 and 650 °C for times up to 10000 h. The partition of minor elements...

Authors: Gunnar Hultquist, C. Anghel, P. Szakàlos

Abstract: For long time it is known that protons in aqueous solutions have a detrimental effect on metallic materials. Relatively recently, it has...

Authors: Yoshinori Murata, Masaaki Nakai, K. Nagai, Masahiko Morinaga, Y. Sasaki, Ryokichi Hashizume

Abstract: The effect of S in steels on high-temperature steam oxidation resistance was investigated with respect to the content and the state in high...

Authors: J. Zurek, M. Michalik, Lorenz Singheiser, W.Joe Quadakkers

Abstract: The oxidation behaviour of a Ferritic 10%Cr steel in Ar-H2O mixtures was investigated at 650°C. The studies aimed at elucidating the effect...

Authors: Akira Yamauchi, Yuji Yamauchi, Yuko Hirohata, Tomoaki Hino, Kazuya Kurokawa

Abstract: Hydrogen dissolved in the Cr2O3 scale formed on the stainless steel in the H2O-containing atmospheres is observed by TDS (thermal...

Authors: Mauricio J. Monteiro, F.C. Rizzo

Abstract: Development and use of high-speed steels for manufacturing the roll outer shell of hot strip mills represented a major recent technological...


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