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Authors: Maria Isabel Brasileiro, D.H.S. Oliveira, Hélio Lucena Lira, Lisiane Navarro de Lima Santana, Gelmires Araújo Neves, A.P. Novaes, J.Marcos Sasak
Authors: Normanda Lino de Freitas, Elias Fagury-Neto, Hélio Lucena Lira, Lucianna Gama, Ruth Herta Goldsmith Aliaga Kiminami, Ana Cristina Figueiredo de Melo Costa
Abstract:Among ceramic materials, the alumina has high importance because of its characteristics of resistance and refractory. The possibility to...
Authors: M.A.F. Ramalho, Ana Cristina Figueiredo de Melo Costa, Lucianna Gama, Ruth Herta Goldsmith Aliaga Kiminami, E.P. Hernandez, Daniel R. Cornejo, S.M. Rezende
Abstract:Ultrafine magnetic nickel ferrite particles have a significant potential for use in many applications such as magnetic recording media,...
Authors: Rubens Chiba, Reinaldo Azevedo Vargas, Marco Andreoli, Emília Satoshi Miyamaru Seo
Abstract:Nowadays, the La1-XSrXMnO3 (LSM) is one of the most common cathodic materials used in the solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The dopant...
Authors: G.C.C. da Costa, R. Muccillo
Abstract:Lanthanum beta alumina powders were obtained by the polymeric precursor technique using lanthanum nitrate, aluminum nitrate, ethylene glycol...
Authors: Adriana Scoton Antonio Chinelatto, C. Lago, S.R.M. Antunes, A.C. Antunes, Osvaldo Mitsuyuki Cintho, Adilson Luiz Chinelatto
Abstract:Alumina is utilized in many areas of modern industry because of its unique mechanical, electrical and optical properties. Various methods...
Authors: S.T. Fonseca, Maria do Carmo de Andrade Nono, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo
Abstract:In this work, was proposed to produce nanosized α-Al2O3 powder from precipitation reactions, in order to reduce the alumina ceramics...
Authors: Yu. Koldayeva, Maria do Carmo de Andrade Nono, Pedro José Castro
Abstract:In this work the BaSO4 powder was synthesized from BaCO3 powder that was attacked with HCl. Then BaCl2 was precipitated in (NH4)2 SO4,...
Authors: L.F.G. Setz, H.P.S. Corrêa, Carlos de Oliveira Paiva-Santos, Sonia Regina Homem de Mello-Castanho
Abstract:Lanthanum chromite (LaCrO3) is one of the most adequate materials for use as interconnector in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications,...
Authors: R.H.L. Garcia, Valter Ussui, Nelson Batista de Lima, Dolores Ribeiro Ricci Lazar
Abstract:The addition of alumina in a zirconia stabilized in a tetragonal phase matrix enhances ceramic hardness and inhibits the tetragonal →...
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