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Authors: Toru Shimizu, Kunio Matsuzaki

Abstract: Already, we are developing the process to produce stainless steel foam over 97% porosity using hydro-gel binder. However, this process is...

Authors: Bo Young Hur, Sang Youl Kim, Yong Su Um, Yong Mun Ryu

Abstract: A study on the tensile, compression and bending test of Aluminum foam Application for auto bumper and rod. We know a more efficiency to...

Authors: Thomas Daxner, Robert D. Bitsche, Helmut J. Böhm

Abstract: Coating of a precursor structure, which is subsequently removed by chemical or thermal treatment, is a technology for producing cellular...

Authors: X.F. Tao, Li Ping Zhang, Y.Y. Zhao

Abstract: This paper investigated the mechanical response of porous copper manufactured by LCS under three-point bending and Charpy impact...

Authors: Afsaneh Rabiei, Brian Neville, Nick Reese, Lakshmi Vendra

Abstract: New composite metal foams are processed using powder metallurgy (PM) and gravity casting techniques. The foam is comprised of steel hollow...

Authors: Thomas Fiedler, Andreas Öchsner, José Grácio

Abstract: This paper is on the investigation of adhesively bonded metallic hollow sphere structures. Two different approaches, namely experimental...

Authors: Han Zhao, I. Elnasri, Hui Jian Li

Abstract: This paper presents a study of the strength enhancement under impact loading of metallic cellular materials as well as sandwich panels with...

Authors: Luigino Filice, Livan Fratini, Domenico Umbrello

Abstract: Metallic foams have been recently introduced also as industrial materials due to their well known advantages. In fact, their low mass in...

Authors: Olaf Andersen, Wolfgang Hungerbach, Günther Stephani, Thomas Studnitzky

Abstract: inno.zellmet is a large funded project which aims at the commercialisation of new, non-foam types of cellular metals. The project focuses...

Authors: Soong Keun Hyun, Tsuyoshi Awadu, Teruyuki Ikeda, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: Lotus-type porous Cu-5at.%Al alloy whose elongated pores are aligned in one direction was fabricated by unidirectional solidification in...


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