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Authors: Shuo Lu, Jia Xiang Shang, Yue Zhang
Abstract:The structure and magnetic properties of fcc-Fe/Cu (100) superlattices have been investigated by the first-principles total energy...
Authors: Jun Tao Li, Yan Jun Zheng, Li Shan Cui
Abstract:The recovery strain in the near-equiatomic, severely cold-deformed NiTi, has been investigated through the study of thermal expansion by...
Authors: Ren Bo Xu, Li Shan Cui, Yan Jun Zheng
Abstract:The mechanical behaviors of bare and carburized NiTiCu specimens under dynamic impact loading were investigated using a home-built impact...
Authors: Tian Liang Zheng, Xuan Wang, Ying Bo Li, Bing Qing Chen
Abstract:Four fluorinated polyacrylate dispersions, which based on chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE), acrylic acid (AA), vinyl acetate (VAc) and...
Authors: Yun Qing Ma, Cheng Bao Jiang, Yan Li, Cui Ping Wang, Xing Jun Liu
Abstract:A strong need exists to develop new kinds of high-temperature shape-memory alloys. In this study, two series of CoNiGa alloys with different...
Authors: Yang Yong, Li Lin, Li Chao
Abstract:In this paper the mechanical structure and the operating principle of a fast steering mirror (FSM) are introduced, and a novel FSM based on...
Authors: Zhang Zhen, Jian Qin Mao
Abstract:The rate-dependent hysteresis exhibited by magnetostrictive actuator (MA) presents a challenge in modeling of these actuators. In this...
Authors: Ling Jie Meng, Yan Li, Xin Qing Zhao, Hui Bin Xu
Abstract:The phase transformation and mechanical behaviors of cold-rolled NiTi shape memory alloys ultra-thin sheet with 100μm in thickness are...
Authors: Zhong Yu, Zhong Wen Lan, Ke Sun, Yu Chen
Abstract:The effects of NiO on density and mechanic strength of Mn-Zn ferrite used for inertial gyroscope were investigated by measurements of...
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