Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Dong Yu, Cai Xia Li

Abstract: The finite element numerical simulation for the formability of magnesium alloy AZ31B sheets with thickness of 0.8mm and diameter of 140mm...

Authors: Q.G. Xie, Ping Yang, F.E. Cui

Abstract: Cellular precipitation is reduced greatly by deformation at all ageing temperatures. Precipitates within twins are often nodular and...

Authors: Ping Yang, Li Meng, Q.G. Xie, F.E. Cui

Abstract: Basal slip and tension twinning are dominant deformation mechanisms of polycrystalline magnesium at low temperature. However, fracture...

Authors: Wei Qiu, En Hou Han, Lu Liu

Abstract: Addition of RE elements to Al-containing Mg alloys can improve properties of Mg alloys at elevated temperatures. In the present...

Authors: Bao Yi Yu, Yu Ying Li, Hong Wu Song, Xiao Guang Yuan, Zhen Liu

Abstract: Microstructures and tensile properties of Mg-8Zn-4Al-xCax=0.6wt.%, 1.0wt.%, 1.3wt.%, named as alloy 1#, 2# and 3# , respectively)extruded...

Authors: Da Quan Li, Qu Dong Wang, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: Microstructure and tensile properties of AZ31 rolled at different temperatures were characterized. Rolling of extruded AZ31 plates was...

Authors: Li Jin, Dong Liang Lin, Xiao Qin Zeng, Da Li Mao, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: The effect of second-phase particles on the grain refinement of AZ61 and AZ91 Mg-Al-Zn alloys with different volume fractions of β-Mg17Al12...

Authors: Jin Bao Lin, Qu Dong Wang, Li Ming Peng, Yang Zhou, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-6.0wt%Zn-0.5wt%Zr (ZK60) alloy were studied as a function of cooling rate. The temperature...

Authors: Yong Liu, Guang Yin Yuan, Chen Lu, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: The microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg95.9Zn3.5Gd0.6 and Mg94.4Zn3.5Gd0.6Cu1.5 alloys reinforced by icosahedral...

Authors: Ying Xin Wang, Xiao Qin Zeng, Wen Jiang Ding, Alan A. Luo, Anil K. Sachdev

Abstract: Uniaxial hot compression tests were performed at constant temperature (T) and strain rate (ε& ) in the ranges of 200-500 °C at an interval...


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