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Authors: Mohammad Nazzal, Marwan K. Khraisheh
Abstract:It is established that some superplastic materials undergo significant cavitation during deformation. Cavitation not only limits the...
Authors: Quan Lin Jin, Zhi Peng Zeng, Yan Shu Zhang
Abstract:A numerical simulation of superplastic backward extrusion of a magnesium alloy part is presented in this paper. In fact, the simulated...
Authors: Miao Quan Li, L. Long, X.L. Li, H. Yu, C.L. Chi, G.H. Wen
Abstract:In this paper, the flow stress model has been established based on the isothermal compression data at deformation temperature of 800~1050oC,...
Authors: Xia Huang, Yuan Song Zeng, B. Jiang, X.Q. Han
Authors: X.F. Xu, L.M. Tang, G.Q. Tong
Abstract:A comparative study of different element formulations in simulating superplastic forming with the MARC finite element code is performed in...
Authors: Ming He Chen, Y.H. Xue, Y.L. Rui, J.H. Zhou, Min Wang
Abstract:FEM analysis has proved to be a powerful investigative tool capable of encompassing all the aspects that characterise an SPF process. In...
Authors: F.X. Chen, He Jun Li, J.Q. Guo, X.Z. Liu
Abstract:The aim of the study on the deformation defect is to prevent defects and to improve the quality and to control the deformation. It is...
Authors: Q.H. Li, Fu Guo Li, Q. Wan, Miao Quan Li
Abstract:The Chinese nickel-base powder metallurgy (PM) superalloy FGH96, which was processed through hot isostatic pressing, is very difficult to...
Authors: Hong Sheng Liu, Yu Ying Yang, Chun Feng Li
Abstract:Superplastic forming has emerged as an important manufacturing process, large deformation always occurs during superplastic forming,...
Authors: Yu Ying Yang, Jing Li
Abstract:Superplastic large deformation problems always meet handicaps associated with severe mesh distortion and iterative remeshing when...
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