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Authors: W.L. Lu, Y. Wang, Jin Tao Hai
Abstract:Sandglass extrusion is an ultrafine grain size method. Due to the repetitive and multiple extrusions, large strain can be accumulated and...
Authors: Wen Juan Zhao, Hua Ding, D. Song, F.R. Cao, Hong Liang Hou
Abstract:In this study, superplastic tensile tests were carried out for Ti-6Al-4V alloy using different initial grain sizes (2.6 μm, 6.5μm and 16.2...
Authors: Yao Zong Zhang, Jian Bo Huang, H.P. Wang, X. Lin
Abstract:This paper discusses the issues about the incorruptibility of industrial dies, mainly researches the G111WC and G112WC mixed alloy layer...
Authors: Yong Qing Zhao, Heng Lei Qu, L.Y. Zeng
Abstract:The superplastic tensile deformation behavior and structural evolution of two kinds of α+β titanium alloys were investigated in this paper,...
Authors: G. Wang, Kai Feng Zhang, Wen Bo Han, D.Z. Wu, C.W. Wang
Abstract:The superplastic bulging capabilities of Ti-6Al-4V butt-welded plates with 0.8mm in thickness with high energy beam welding methods namely...
Authors: Ying Ying Lin, Miao Quan Li, Y. Niu, W.F. Zhang
Abstract:Isothermal compression tests were carried out on the Ti-5.6Al-4.8Sn-2.0Zr-1.0Mo alloy with and without hydrogen. A series of experiments...
Authors: Min Wang, Hong Zhen Guo
Abstract:According to accommodate-state and big bulk 18-8 type austenitic stainless steel has the weakness of coarse-grained and low strength....
Authors: S.S. Jiang, Kai Feng Zhang
Abstract:In this paper, the process is divided into two steps. (1) First, the ceramic die used to fabricate the denture base was made by mixing the...
Authors: H.Y. Xu, Zhi Qiang Li, He Ping Guo
Abstract:Tensile testing was performed on fine-grained GH4169 superalloy sheet at elevated temperatures (920°C~980°C) and at different initial strain...
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