Superplasticity in Advanced Materials - ICSAM 2006

Volumes 551-552

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Ling Zhang, Yong Ning Liu, Jie Wu Zhu, G. Yu

Abstract: Ultrahigh carbon steel containing 1.6 wt pct C was processed to create microduplex structure consisting of fine-spheroidized carbides and...

Authors: Wei Neng Tang, Hong Yan, Rong Shi Chen, En Hou Han

Abstract: Superplastic deformation (SPD) behaviors of two fine-grained materials produced by ECAE and hot rolling methods have been contrastively...

Authors: Jean Jacques Blandin

Abstract: Superplastic forming (SPF) of magnesium alloys has received increasing attention in the recent past. The aim of this presentation is to...

Authors: Fadi K. Abu-Farha, N.A. Rawashdeh, Marwan K. Khraisheh

Abstract: Accurate constitutive modeling of superplastic deformation is critical for successful simulation and optimization of superplastic forming....

Authors: M. Noda, Hideharu Shimizu, Kunio Funami, H. Mori

Abstract: Magnesium alloys show promise in meeting the demand for materials of lighter weight and higher rigidity. Mg alloys are hard to process and...

Authors: D.L. Yin, C.W. Wang, Jing Tao Wang, Yan Dong Yu

Abstract: The superplasticity of a hot-rolled AZ31 Mg alloy was investigated by uniaxial tensile tests at temperature range 250-450oC and strain rate...

Authors: Hong Bo Li, J. Zhao, Jun Ting Luo, M. Hang

Abstract: The superplasticity of magnesium alloy is important in industrial application. However the superplastic deformation of casting magnesium...

Authors: Yan Dong Yu, C.W. Wang, D.L. Yin

Abstract: A new SPF/DB technology using gasification agent as pressurization mediator was proposed in this paper. The forming principle of SPF/DB...

Authors: Yong Shun Yang, Guo Qing Chen, X. Yang

Abstract: The superplasticity of LY12 alloy was reviewed in this paper. Complex component was extruded by taking advantage of the superplasticity of...

Authors: Qing Feng Wang, X.P. Xiao, X.J. Chen, W. Chen

Abstract: In this paper, an ultra-fine grained AZ31 magnesium alloy sheet with grain size less than 3μm was generated by three-run accumulative roll...


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