Recrystallization and Grain Growth III

Volumes 558-559

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hirofumi Inoue, M. Hori, Toshio Komatsubara, Hiroki Tanaka, Takayuki Takasugi

Abstract: In order to improve deep drawability of 6000 series aluminum alloys for automotive body panels, texture control for increasing r-value of...

Authors: Y.G. Jeong, Woo Jin Kim, Seo Gou Choi, Ha Guk Jeong

Abstract: For the Magnesium alloy AZ31, hot rolling is usually carried out in the temperature range between 250 and 400°C but the processed sheets...

Authors: Hai Ou Jin, Pei Dong Wu, David J. Lloyd

Abstract: Two AA5754 sheets have been processed by cold rolling with 83% thickness reduction, one at room temperature and another with liquid...

Authors: Katsura Kajihara

Abstract: This study presents in-situ EBSP observations of recrystallization in commercial purity aluminum sheets with different concentrations of...

Authors: Su Hyeon Kim, Seung Zeon Han, Chang Joo Kim, Soon Young Ok, In Youb Hwang, Fu Xing Yin

Abstract: Copper foils cold rolled up to 92% reduction exhibited a low intensity of the β-fiber texture and a high intensity of the cube and RD...

Authors: Satoru Kobayashi, Stefan Zaefferer

Abstract: A fine grained and recovered structure with densely formed fine particles has been created by means of a thermomechanical process (TMP) in...

Authors: Kyoo Young Lee, Gyo Sung Kim, Kwang Geun Chin, Leo Kestens

Abstract: The evolution of texture and stored energy was studied for Ti bearing and Ti-Nb bearing IF high strength steel undergoing a double cold...

Authors: Naoki Maruyama, T. Ogawa, M. Takahashi

Abstract: Subgrain growth in deformed ferrite and incomplete recrystallisation during intercritical annealing in low carbon (LC) steels was...

Authors: Nicolas Meyer, Yves Bréchet, Muriel Véron, Marc Mantel, Pierre Emmanuel Dubois, Oliver Geoffroy

Abstract: Softening kinetics of two 17% chromium (Cr) stainless steel grades that differ in niobium (Nb) content are compared. In the experiments, we...

Authors: Xenia Molodova, Günter Gottstein, Ralph Jörg Hellmig

Abstract: Pure Cu, CuZr and an Al-alloy were processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) at room temperature applying route Bc. Microstructure...


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