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Authors: Joon Yang Chung
Abstract:Continuous casting is the essential process converting liquid steel to solid in the form of slabs or billets/blooms in the steel plant. The...
Authors: Shuichi Miyazaki, Hee Young Kim
Abstract:The basic characteristics of TiNi-based and Ni-free Ti-based shape memory alloys are reviewed. They include the crystal structures of the...
Authors: Hossein Beladi, Peter D. Hodgson
Abstract:The deformation and recrystallization behaviour of a range of Nb microalloyed steels has been studied using hot torsion. This work focuses...
Authors: Yong Feng, Wei Hua Sun
Abstract:The phase transformation rule, microstructures and properties of JG590 high strength steel produced in Jinan Iron and Steel Co. ltd. have...
Authors: A. Dehghan-Manshadi, Peter D. Hodgson
Abstract:The effect of initial grain size on the recrystallization behaviour of a type 304 austenitic stainless steel was investigated using hot...
Authors: Ryo Murakami, Yousuke Aoyama, Noriyuki Tsuchida, Yasunori Harada, Kenzo Fukaura
Authors: Sasan Yazdania, Nariman Yoozbashi, Alireza Ebrahimi
Abstract:Effects of tempering temperature and shot peening on fatigue behavior of SAE 1045 steel are reported. Tensile and fatigue property...
Authors: Jian Qing Qing, Bao Qiao Wu, Jie Cai Wu, Yi He
Abstract:The samples of V-N microalloyed mild steel were obtained in duo mill with the normal deformation rate and the normal rolling temperature...
Authors: L.D. Yao, Z.G. Li, Xing Feng Mao, Xue Li Tao, Kai Ming Wu
Abstract:In this study, a TMCP was attempted to obtain a low carbon high strength Nb-Ti microalloyed dual phase with low yield ratio at Baosteel....
Authors: Christopher R. Hutchinson, Hatem S. Zurob, Chad W. Sinclair, Yves Bréchet
Abstract:The comparative effectiveness of solute Nb and NbC particles at impeding grain boundary motion is treated theoretically. It is shown that,...
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