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Authors: Jim Nakos, Joe Shepard
Abstract:The role of single wafer Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) in semiconductor manufacturing has been steadily expanding over the last 2 decades....
Authors: Bruce Peuse
Abstract:Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) has been a key technology for semiconductor manufacturing. The ability to rapidly change wafer-processing...
Authors: Nicolaas Stolwijk, Ludmila Lerner, Axel Giese, Wilfried Lerch
Abstract:The study of fast diffusion processes in materials requires short isothermal annealing treatments combined with an accurate temperature...
Authors: Robert J. Falster, Vladimir V. Voronkov
Abstract:The use of Rapid Thermal Processing to install lattice vacancy profiles into silicon wafers for the purpose of forming a template for the...
Authors: Christophe Maleville, Eric Neyret, Daniel Delprat, Ludovic Ecarnot
Abstract:Significant performance enhancements are offered by silicon on insulator (SOI) or strained silicon, SOI being adopted for advanced devices...
Authors: Oliver Senftleben, Hermann Baumgärtner, Ignaz Eisele
Abstract:An overview of various cleaning procedures for silicon surfaces is presented. Because in-situ cleaning becomes more and more important for...
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