Rapid Thermal Processing and beyond: Applications in Semiconductor Processing

Volumes 573-574

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.573-574

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Authors: Jeffrey C. Gelpey, Steve McCoy, Dave Camm, Wilfried Lerch

Abstract: Millisecond annealing (MSA) has been developed over the last several years as a viable approach to achieve the high electrical activation,...

Authors: Fuccio Cristiano, El Mehdi Bazizi, Pier Francesco Fazzini, Simona Boninelli, Ray Duffy, Ardechir Pakfar, Silke Paul, Wilfried Lerch

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the evolution of extended defects during a millisecond Flash anneal after a preamorphising implant. The...

Authors: Alberto Martinez-Limia, Peter Pichler, Christian Steen, Silke Paul, Wilfried Lerch

Abstract: In this contribution we illustrate some important features of the development of models for the simulation of advanced annealing processes....

Authors: Nicholas E.B. Cowern, Andrew J. Smith, Nicholas S. Bennett, Brian J. Sealy, Russell Gwilliam, Roger P. Webb, Benjamin Colombeau, Silke Paul, Wilfried Lerch, Ardechir Pakfar

Abstract: This paper reviews the physics and the potential application of ion-implanted vacancies for high-performance B-doped ultra-shallow...

Authors: Amitabh Jain

Abstract: One of the main materials challenges of the 130 nm silicon technology node was the need to find a processing solution to the anomalous...

Authors: Kyoichi Suguro

Abstract: This paper reports on the ultra-rapid thermal annealing of next generation MOSFETs. In ultra-rapid thermal annealing, the most important...

Authors: Masataka Kase, Tomonari Yamamoto, Tomohiro Kubo

Abstract: The recent progress of advanced millisecond annealing (MSA) technology is discussed for the application to the advanced logic LSI...

Authors: Bartek J. Pawlak, Ray Duffy, An De Keersgieter

Abstract: In this paper the formation strategies for source and drain regions in vertical FinFETs are discussed. The technology challenges are very...

Authors: Anne Lauwers, Jorge Kittl, Karen Maex

Abstract: CMOS integration of dual work function phase controlled Ni FUSI with simultaneous silicidation of nMOS (NiSi) and pMOS (Ni-rich) gates on...

Authors: Paul J. Timans

Abstract: Radiant energy sources enable rapid and controllable thermal processing of wafers with closed-loop control of wafer temperature. However...


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